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Waterbeds Glossary

Algae - A growth of bacteria that forms inside an untreated waterbed.

Algaecide - A chemical that helps to prevent the growth of algae.

Baffle - A material inside a water mattress that helps restrict the motion.

Bladder - The vinyl mattress that holds the water.

Burp - The term used to describe the release of air from the valve of a water mattress.

Cap & bulb - A heating system for waterbeds that uses a capillary and bulb system rather than solid state.

Cap & plug - The screw cap and seal that prevents water from escaping the valve of a water mattress.

California King - A bed that measures 72 inches wide by 84 inches long.

Conditioner - A chemical that helps to prevent the growth of algae.

Decking - The platform that sits on top of the pedestal of a hardside waterbed.

Drain kit - A venturi pump that assists in the draining of a waterbed.

Drawer pedestal - A series of drawers that sit under a hardside waterbed.

Extruda - The metal or plastic clips that join the four corners of the pedestal.

Fiberfill - A material made of polyester fiber inside a water mattress that helps restrict the motion.

Fill kit - A plastic fitting that allows a waterbed to be filled with a standard garden hose hooked up to an indoor faucet.

Foundation - The base that a waterbed sits on.

Foam rails - The mattress enclosure that holds a water mattress in a softside waterbed.

Frame- In the case of a hardside waterbed, the side supports that hold the water mattress. In the case of a softside waterbed it refers to the metal frame that the foundation sits on.

Free Flow - A waterbed mattress that has no baffles. This type of mattress is very wavy.

Hardside - Refers to a waterbed that has a wooden frame that the mattress sits in.

Heater - The unit that allows for the waterbed to be heated.

Heater control - The dial that allows a user to set a specific temperature.

Heater pad - The vinyl pad that goes under the water mattress and produces heat.

Headboard - The decorative fixture at the head of a hardside waterbed.

Lap Seam - A seam that has two pieces of vinyl overlapping each other to form a seal.

Latex foam - natural foam made from rubber trees that are used in the pillowtop's of high end softside waterbeds.

Leak - The unfortunate problem of water escaping the water mattress.

Liner - A vinyl sheet that goes under a water mattress. Used to prevent water escaping the bed if a leak occurs.

Mattress - The vinyl bladder that holds the water.

Mattress pad - A cotton cover that goes over top of a water mattress.

Memory foam - pressure and temperature sensitive foam that is used in the pillowtops of high end softside waterbeds.

Motionless - A water mattress that has virtually no motion.

Motion reduced - unlike a free flow mattress, a motion reduced mattress has a baffle that helps to prevent motion.

Padded rail caps - A padded bumper that goes around the edge of a hardside waterbed to cushion the sides.

Pedestal - The foundation for a hardside waterbed.

Pillowtop - The padded upholstery that covers the top of a softside waterbed.

Repair kit - A vinyl patch and blue used to repair a leak.

Safety liner - A vinyl sheet that goes under a water mattress. Used to prevent water escaping the bed if a leak occurs.

Softside - A waterbed that looks like a traditional box spring and mattress.

Solid state heater - Unlike a cap and bulb heater, a solid state heater uses an electronic diode to control the temperature.

Tuck control - Refers to heater that has a control that tucks under a water mattress.

Topper - A piece of convoluted foam that is sometimes placed over a water mattress.

Valve - The area of a water mattress where the water is put in and taken out.

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