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Waterbeds in the 80s

Almost a quarter of the entire bed sales in the late 1980s were waterbeds.
Waterbeds from that time period were the heyday of waterbeds. It seemed like everyone wanted one.
Today, you can still purchase the type of waterbed that was so popular then. They are known as "hardside waterbeds" and they feature the same look and benefits (albeit updated with better quality) as the days when waterbeds were all the rage with the American public.
Children of course loved them, and adults did too. They were also marketed as being great for sex.
Today, you can buy either a softside or hardside waterbed. The softside waterbed looks just like a traditional mattress, only filled with water.
However, if you are looking for the old classic look and feel of the 80s waterbeds, it's the hardside waterbed you are after.

What is a Hardside Waterbed?
A hardside waterbed has the original look of a 80s waterbed. They come with a beautiful wood frame and pedestal, and can also employ a variety of features including elaborate headboards with shelves, bookcase, mirrors, lights etc.
Just like the 1980s, hardside waterbeds come in pine or oak wood and also use a special waterbed heater to keep the water warm.
In the 80s some people decided to forego the heater, and found themselves sleeping on a rather cold mattress.
The water itself is held in with a vinyl bladder, which gives the hardside its 'bounciness' or buoyancy.
Many people were drawn to the water aspect because the vinyl bladder was found to be more hypoallergenic.
Hardside waterbed sizes are available in the following sizes:
California King Waterbed - 72 x 84
Queen Waterbed - 60 x 84
Super Single Waterbed - 48 x 84

Hardside Waterbed Wave Action
Today, you can get a hardside waterbed in a variety of motion action.
Think of it as a lot of wave, or very little wave, and everything in between.
The wave action is available in full wave (full motion), no wave, 65% wave action, 80% wave action, 85% wave action, 95% wave action, and also ultra waveless action.
If you are the type of person who may be susceptible to seasickness, then the no wave or 95% waveless might be the best choice for you.
It all depends on how much wave preference you want.

Waterbed Furniture
If you want to fill out your bedroom with furniture that matches your hardside waterbed then there are many furniture types available including dressers, chests, night tables and mirrors as well as whole bedroom sets.

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All our hardside waterbeds are made in the USA and delivered to your door with free shipping.

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