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Waterbeds - How to Save Energy and Electricity

Generally, a waterbed will have an electricity cost of $7 to $10 a month. That's a lot of energy loss! However, there are many ways you can save on the energy costs for your waterbed, and greatly reduce the amount of your electricity bill each month.

Waterbed Energy Saving Tips
We have some helpful tips for saving energy in regards to your waterbed.
You can turn down your waterbed heater thermostat when you are not using the waterbed.
Did you know that simply making your waterbed everyday will save money as well?
You can also use several different comforters, quilts, blankets etc. on top of your waterbed. This will help with keeping the heat in your waterbed, rather than simply letting the heat dissipate into the air.
Another idea is to use a timer on your waterbed heater so it only comes on sometime just before you go to bed, and turns off after you are done using the waterbed for the night.
However, it can actually cost you more to completely turn off your heater when you're not actually using the bed. This is because you will waste more money raising the temperature from an off position then if you just turn the heater down. That makes sense if you think about - it will be harder to reach your preferred temperature, and will cost you more to reheat it.
Waterbed heaters are on standby much of the time anyway, it's not like they are actually heating constantly.
If you're a bit handy, you can build out the sides of a waterbed and use insulation between the two sides. Go to your local lumber yard and purchase boards that match in size to the sides and the end of your waterbed frame. Then screw these boards together so they fit around the waterbed. Then you can either paint or stain them so they look nice. Then fill the gap between the boards and the waterbed with regular home insulation. Use the kind of insulation that comes wrapped in plastic. This will definitely help with keeping the heat from escaping the waterbed. Some people will even put insulation under the waterbed, although heat rises, so this method won't save you as much.
Don't overfill your waterbed. The more water, the more it takes to heat.
Since newer waterbeds have more efficient heaters, you can upgrade your waterbed heater and save some energy for sure.
Another great idea for saving on your electric bill is to try a few simple tricks. Monitor the heat in your room with and without the bedroom door open and closed.
Many people like to sleep with a fan. Try a few nights without it and see if that helps.
Many people use a thicker pad on their waterbed mattress to keep the energy in and also help you to maintain your body heat.
Purchasing an insulated mattress cover that zips up will help with your energy bill as well.
Keep in mind that the bigger the waterbed, the more it takes to heat. Waterbeds come in a variety of sizes, so buy the smallest bed that makes sense for you and your partner.

Have any of your own waterbed energy saving tips. Let us know!

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