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How much does a waterbed weigh?

A waterbed can weigh around 1500 lbs. (queen size waterbed mattress), but because the weight is distributed over a large area, weight is not a concern. A waterbed weighs less per square foot than a refrigerator. Any house built to modern building codes can handle the weight of a waterbed without a problem. At My Waterbed Shop we have been selling waterbeds since 1978 and have never witnessed a problem with a floor caused by the weight of a waterbed.

Is it safe to put a waterbed on an upper floor?
Many household items like a piano exert just as much pressure on the floor as a waterbed, however nobody would concern themselves about putting a piano on the second floor. Three large men sitting on a couch watching TV would exert way more pressure on the floor than does a waterbed, yet nobody would consider it to be a problem. Thus it is really an urban myth that a waterbed is too heavy to be placed on an upper floor of a house or apartment.

Waterbed weight (weights are approximate):
Super Single waterbed - 1200 lbs.
Queen waterbed - 1500 lbs.
King waterbed - 1850 lbs.
California King waterbed - 2000 lbs.

The type of waterbed you have makes a difference in its weight as well. Hardside waterbeds generally may weigh more than a softside waterbed because of the heavier wooden frame. Other considerations include the size of the headboard, as well as the style of pedestal or base. Many pedestals have drawers in which items can be stored. As you can see, the total weight of a waterbed includes more than just the amount of water in the mattress.

Waterbed weight and the amount of waves
The 'wave action' of a waterbed mattress isn't a big factor in determining overall weight, whether it be a waveless, full motion, or 65%-95% waveless waterbed mattress.

Waterbed weight formula
If you want to have an idea of the weight of a waterbed, use this formula: Width x Length x Depth

If you have concerns about the weight of a waterbed, you can give us a call at 1-800-428-7083.

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