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Waterbed Supplies - FAQ

What different kinds of waterbed supplies are available?
It's all about maintaining and enjoying your waterbed, and we have a myriad selection of waterbed supplies to help you do just that!
Our supplies include waterbed conditioner, safety liners, waterbed replacement mattresses, drain and fill kits, waterbed pads, repair kits, waterbed heaters, comforters, covers and more.
Most of our supplies are made in the USA and we provide fast and free shipping.

What are the best waterbed accessories for filling and draining a waterbed?
When either filling a waterbed or draining one, it pays to have the best tools available to do the job fast and correctly.
We have several drain and fill options including:
Waterbed Drain Hero is our ultimate fill and drain system for waterbeds.
This kit includes:
25 Foot Hose
Faucet and Hose Adaptor
Drain VenturiPump
Electric Drain Pump
8 oz. Conditioner

Another option is the Waterbed drain and fill kit with a 25 foot hose.
It has everything you need to drain and fill your waterbed including:
25 Ft. Hose
8oz Waterbed Conditioner
Faucet Adaptor and Hose Adaptor
Siphon Pump

You can also buy our Smart Pack which includes:
Hose Adaptor
Faucet Adaptor
Siphon Pump
3 Year Supply of Waterbed Conditioner

You can also purchase a Waterbed Electric Drain Pump separately.

What types of deals do you offer on waterbed conditioner?
Waterbed conditioner is essential in keeping water fresh, and to maintain the integrity of the waterbed bladder.
2 Bottles of Waterbed Conditioner (8 oz. bottles)
6 Bottles of Waterbed Conditioner with free waterbed patch kit (8 oz. bottles)
1 Bottle of Waterbed Conditioner with patch kit
Conditioner Tablets for Waterbed Tubes

Can I replace my current waterbed mattress with a replacement mattress?
Yes. We have both hardside waterbed replacement mattresses and softside waterbed replacement mattresses available.
Our waterbed mattresses are made in the USA.

Do your waterbed supplies include waterbed heaters?
You can buy waterbed heaters from us with free shipping.
Both softside and hardside waterbeds use a different type of heater.
It is imperative that you purchase the correct heater that is designed for your type of waterbed.
Learn more on our waterbed heaters page.

What if my waterbed springs a leak or becomes torn?
Because our waterbed mattresses and bladders are made with tough vinyl, springing a leak is of little concern.
However, accidents do happen, so it's always best to be prepared.
A safety liner will keep any water from reaching to the floor, and a waterbed repair kit will fix a bladder that needs repairing.
Waterbed Repair Kit
Waterbed Safety Liner
Hardside Waterbed Safety Liner
Softside Waterbed Safety Liner

Do you have waterbed sheets for sale?
We have a wide selection and styles of waterbed sheets.

Do you sell waterbed mattress pads and waterbed covers?
Our watered pads and covers include:
Deluxe Quilted Waterbed Mattress Cover
Hardside Waterbed Mattress Cover
Waterbed Comforter (zebra pattern)
Waterbed Sage Green Comforter
Waterbed Champagne Satin Comforter
Waterbed Gold Satin Comforter
Waterbed Silver Satin Comforter

Do you sell waterbed frames for softside waterbeds?
We most certainly do. Check out our Softside Waterbed Frame page.

I need stronger support for my California King size waterbed mattress, what can I do?
We sell Support Beams for California King Softside Waterbeds.

Do you offer free shipping for waterbeds?
We have free shipping on all our waterbeds and waterbed supplies.
If you want faster shipping, then check out our Waterbed Faster Shipping page.

Have any questions about waterbeds? Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083.

You can also take a look at our waterbed accessories page.

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