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Waterbed Supplies

Making your waterbed the most enjoyable experience it can be is important to your lifestyle, and a consideration that shouldn't be taken lightly.
Here you will find a few ideas to better augment your waterbed experience.
From heating a waterbed to filling and draining one, there are some waterbed supplies that you should have on hand in case you need them.
The majority of the waterbed supplies we offer are made right here in the good old USA. Also, we provide free shipping to the continental USA.
It's always a good idea to have conditioner and a repair kit at the ready. Both are important for the maintenance and longevity of your waterbed.
One of the more pleasurable and simple ways to heighten your sleep experience is to employ a luxurious Pillowtop mattress cover, or perhaps a comfortable mattress pad. Utilizing a mattress pad or cover will enhance your sleeping enjoyment even more, as the extra cushion will supplement the softness and coziness of your waterbed, and deepen your slumber.
Make your sleep time a happy time by utilizing the supplies listed below, and the videos on how to use them.

Waterbed Draining & Filling

If you are buying a new waterbed, filling it with water is one of the first things you will be doing.
If you already have a waterbed, at some point you may want to move it, either to a different room of your home, or to another residence, which will include draining your waterbed.
Either way, you can make the process much easier with a waterbed drain and fill kit. This kit includes a 25' hose, electric drain pump, conditioners and adapters. It has everything you will need, and having the right length of hose will make the whole process much easier too.
A cheaper option is our waterbed drain kit that includes everything listed above, but without the electric drain pump. It comes with a siphon pump for a manual method of draining your waterbed.
Speaking of electric drain pumps, you can purchase one separately without all the other accessories used for draining, if you already have them.

You can use gravity to drain your waterbed, but you may want to speed things up with an electric drain pump, which pumps the water out at a faster rate of speed than waiting for gravity to do its thing.

Helpful videos on how to drain and fill a waterbed:
How to Fill a Waterbed
How to Drain a Waterbed

Waterbed Conditioner

Along with adding conditioner when you first fill a waterbed, your waterbed should be treated with conditioner every six months or so.
Adding conditioner to your water will stop bacteria and mold from forming.
Conditioner will also keep gas bubbles down, which can make your mattress expand and become hard over time.
You can also use the conditioner on the outside of the vinyl bladder, which will help to form a protective barrier, and keep your mattress soft.

If your waterbed has tubes, then you will need a specialized conditioner for waterbed tubes.
We also offer additional waterbed conditioners that include a patch repair kit:
6 bottles of waterbed conditioner (with patch kit)
1 bottle of waterbed conditioner (with patch kit)

Helpful videos on how to add conditioner to a waterbed:
How to Add Waterbed Conditioner
Adding Waterbed Conditioner

Waterbed Safety Liner

If you have a hardside waterbed, then using a waterbed safety liner is a must.
If your waterbed ever springs a leak or is punctured, a safety liner will catch all the water, before it has a chance to swamp your carpet, or the floor below.
The safety liner generally goes above the waterbed heater, but below the waterbed mattress.
Other options include:
Hardside waterbed safety liner
Softside waterbed safety liner

Helpful video on waterbed safety liners:
How to Install a Waterbed Safety Liner

Waterbed Repair

A waterbed repair kit is an essential part of your waterbed supplies.
You can use this kit to repair a small tear or pinprick. It's a permanent fix, and typically you won't have to repair the same spot again.
Most times you won't have to drain the waterbed to patch it. Simply cut the patch to size, apply the glue, swirl the glue around a bit, using the patch to do so.
Thatís it! Pretty simple, and very effective.

Helpful video on patching a waterbed:
How to Find and Patch a Waterbed Leak

Waterbed Heaters

Of course, heating your waterbed is crucial, and climbing into a warm bed is awesome on a cold winter evening.
There are both solid state and digital waterbed heaters available.

Helpful videos on installing a waterbed heater:
How to Install a Waterbed Heater
How to Install a Digital Waterbed Heater

Waterbed Mattress Covers

If you have a softside waterbed, you can use regular sized bed covers, just like on a traditional bed.
However, if you have a hardside waterbed, then you will need a specialized cover for the vinyl bladder.
There are several choices available including zip covers and quilted covers for your hardside waterbed mattress.
The choice is yours, all our covers are high quality, and will suit your needs perfectly.

Waterbed Mattress Covers

If you feel that it's time to replace your current waterbed mattress, our waterbed supplies include replacement waterbed mattresses:
Hardside waterbed replacement mattresses
Softside waterbed replacement mattresses

If you are thinking of purchasing a waterbed, or have any questions about waterbed supplies and accessories, give us a call at 1-800-428-7083. We'll be happy to advise you on the best options for you and your family.

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