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Waterbed Sheets vs. Regular Sheets

What is the difference between regular sheets and waterbed sheets? Although softside waterbeds use standard sheet sizes, a hardside waterbed most certainly does not.
Getting the correct size of fitted sheets for your waterbed is extremely important. No one wants a poorly fitted sheet that constantly needs to be tucked in and adjusted.
Because of the depth and pliability of a waterbed mattress, utilizing a standard or regular sheet size is only going to cause you problems and heartache. Do you really want to get out of bed in the middle of the night to constantly readjust your sheets?
Another consideration is that your hardside waterbed mattress is most likely made of vinyl, and needs to be protected against skin oils and the like.
The ultimate goal is to give your waterbed maximum protection, while giving you maximum comfort and the style you desire.
As compared to a regular or conventional mattress and box spring, a waterbed will need sheets that are larger. This is because a waterbed needs sheets that allow for more movement and space, because of the natural wave motion of a waterbed.
Simply put, a waterbed sheet allows for the 'wave action' that a waterbed mattress can cause, and also allow your sheets to react and move with the ebb and flow of your waterbed.

Because a waterbed needs a bigger sheet, regular bed sheet sizes are just not sufficient. Unfortunately most department stores don't carry specialized sheets for waterbeds anymore, not even the big chains such as Wal-Mart, Target, Kohls and the like.
Most waterbed sheets are available in the sizes of California King, Queen, and Super Single, and should not be confused with the regular or conventional mattress sizes of full, queen, twin etc.

You may be thinking that because it's a waterbed, the sheets will need to be made of a fabric that's waterproof or feels something like swimwear.
This of course is not the case. Waterbed sheets can come in a variety of styles and types including 100% cotton flannel, high thread counts, and even satin. Sheets also come in a variety of colors including navy, blue, white, ivory, black, burgundy, maroon, hunter green, brown, chocolate, beige, and sage. Specialized comforters for waterbeds are available too. You can also find unique designs such as zebra pattern sheets.

Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083 and we can help you figure the right size and style sheets for your particular waterbed. We ship free and don't charge any sales tax.

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