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How can I repair a waterbed puncture?

1)-Waterbed bladders are made with better material these days, so experiencing a tear or puncture is less common, but it still does happen. A simple vinyl repair kit does the job. Just apply the patch to the offending area and allow to dry. Most times the waterbed does not even need to be drained. You can purchase the Waterbed Repair Kit on our waterbed accessories page. You receive two patch kits (glue and patches) to repair several holes on your waterbed. This will be a permanent fix, you will not have to do the repair again.

2)- There are limitations on the effectiveness of the patches. The Waterbed Patch Kit cannot be used to repair any type of seam leak. You also cannot repair the valve stem seam near the label on your waterbed mattress. These seams are welded in a specific high tension area on the waterbed mattress because they involve heat sealing. A simple patch will not fix the leak.

3)-The patch kit is to be used on pinholes and really small slits only. Anything larger than 1/2 inch probably cannot be repaired. Large cuts in the mattress cannot be fixed at all.

How to Repair a Waterbed Mattress FAQ
Waterbed Repair Kit

How to repair a waterbed puncture with a patch kit:

1) Use rubbing alcohol or other method to clean affected area.
2) Cut a round patch to fit around the puncture, leaving room on all sides of the puncture (overlap the patch over the hole).
3) Apply glue or adhesive around the puncture. Apply using a circular motion.
4) Be sure to keep the adhesive even. Leave some of it around the puncture. Make sure the patch has adhesive all around too.
5) Apply the patch, but first move it around a bit (in a circular motion) to even out the adhesive.
6) Remove any air by applying pressure on the patch, starting at the center and moving outward.
7) Allow to dry and add more adhesive around the outer rim of the patch to ensure there is no water leakage.

Have any questions about repairing a waterbed puncture or tear? Call us at 1-800-428-7083.

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