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Waterbed Mattress Buying Guide

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Hardside Replacements

Waterbed mattresses are available in a variety of different comfort levels. We recommend buying the firmest waterbed mattress that you can afford, because even the firmest waterbed mattress is still considered fairly soft compared to a traditional innerspring mattress. Let's take a look at some of the waterbed mattresses that are available along with the advantages of each.

Free Flow (full motion)

A free flow waterbed mattress has no fill on the inside of the mattress to dampen or control the flow of water, so the result is a mattress that is very wavy and does not provide optimum support. When purchasing a free flow mattress, it is important that the vinyl is not recycled, and that it be made with premium quality vinyl rather than recycled material.

Fiber Fill Mattresses

This type of waterbed mattress uses a polyester sheet on the inside of the bag. Generally, the more fiber that is in the mattress, the firmer and more motion reduced it will be. Sometimes the manufacturer will increase the amount of fiber in the lower lumbar area to increase support for the lower back. Fiber fill mattresses are very effective, however they do have a couple of drawbacks. We recommend using an electric pump to drain a fiber mattress effectively. The only drawback of fiber mattresses is that sometimes the fiber can shift inside the mattress. All of our fiber mattress have the fiber tethered into the corners to prevent shifting. Fiber filled mattresses are the most comfortable because they do not have any hard materials inside the mattress like the old baffle mattresses do.

Dual Mattresses

Any of our hardside waterbed mattresses can be ordered as "Dual". This means that there are 2 waterbed mattresses side by side in the same wood frame. Because they are cut flat and square you will not roll into the middle. By separating the mattresses both users can have separate heat, separate firmness and separate wave (you will not feel the motion from the other side of the mattress). You have all of the benefits of our fiber filled mattresses but you add the additional benefits that only our "dual mattresses" can provide.

Shop For Waterbed Mattresses

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Our free flow waterbed mattress is made from our own exclusive PVC blend, pre-tested for strength and durability. The 65% Waveless waterbed mattress is what we call a semi-motion-reduced system. You still get the gentle support of a freeflow, but with considerably less motion. The 80% waveless waterbed mattress is a great value in the waveless mattress category. With about a 75% wave reduction, the mattress settles in 5 to 7 seconds. The 88% waveless waterbed mattress is 88% motion reduced and settles within 2.5 seconds. Choose this mattress if you want a little more support with a firmer feel. The 95% Waveless waterbed mattress is US made, 22 mm vinyl. It comes with a lifetime warranty on all seams. The 99% waveless waterbed mattress is similar. The 100% waveless waterbed mattress features 12 inches of dupont fiber with lumbar support and triple corner seams and a lifetime warranty. All fiber is tethered into corners. All are American made.

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