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Are there different types of mattresses?

Many people have found back relief from sleeping on a waterbed. Thankfully there are many different types of waterbeds , therefore more people can have back relief. When we first began selling waterbeds there were only the clunky old fashioned style wood frame waterbeds, now we offer softside waterbeds in many different combinations and these are more likely to fit your home decor.

Softside Waterbeds became widely available in the 1980's and began to take over the market share of waterbed sales. These beds look exactly like a regular standard innerspring mattress but they have some type of waterbed mattress or waterbed tubes inside. Because these beds look like a regular bed  standard bed linens fit, this removes the so called limitations on waterbed sheet styles tht is often complained about.

Softside waterbeds are available in a shallow fill style(very little water) called a tube waterbed. These beds are firmer than regular waterbeds but are adjustable. You can easily adjust the firmness of each side of the bed by varying the amount of water in the tubes. The more water used the firmer the bed gets or the less water used the softer the bed gets. Waveless tubes are also available and are firmer and less wavy. One big advantage to this style bed is that most beds only weigh 400 LBS or less and the tubes can be easily lifted out of the bed for easy transport. No heater is needed.

Softside waterbeds also come similiar to the old wood style waterbed with one big mattress inside and a heater. You can also gets these beds with a Pillowtop for a softer more luxurious feel or a Plushtop with a small quilt pattern and very little padding in the top cover. these beds are available with full motion semi waveless or waveless mattresses, plus have heaters for chiropractic heat. We also offer dual mattress with dual temperature control for the absolute customization.

Wood frame waterbeds are still available and many customers still prefer the old school look and feel of these beds. Your body sleeps directly on the heated mattress and many feel its the only way they can sleep. It offers a special hammock like envelopment of the body that no sleep system has ever duplicated. Many find back relief and sleep great on these style beds. You have many choices of wave and firmness.

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