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Waterbed Mattress Sizes

The different mattress sizes for waterbeds depends on the type of waterbed you wish to have in your home.
Many people enjoy the original look of the hardside waterbed. The hardside is the type of waterbed that comes to mind of the heyday of waterbeds and include the traditional look of finely crafted old wood style waterbeds that are both stately looking and comfortable. This type of waterbed comes with a vinyl type bladder that holds the water, and includes various specialized mattress sizes that are unique to the world of beds themselves.
The hardside waterbed comes in a variety of designs including a modern style that comes equipped with a padded frame such as can be seen here.
Most hardside waterbeds come in pine or oak wood and in different varieties from simple to more extravagant.
Hardside waterbeds and mattresses come in a wonderful blend of accessories and styles including specialized pedestals, ornate bookcases, beautiful headboards, and unique wall units.
Waterbed mattresses from the hardside category can come with many types of additions and adornments including cabinets, drawers, mirrors, lights, cubby doors, shelves, and under-the-bed storage.

Hardside Waterbed Mattress Sizes

King (California King)
Super Single

Measurements for hardside waterbed mattresses:
King (or California King) 72x84
Queen 60x84
Super Single 48x84

Hardside mattresses need particular sheet sizes as well.
Hardside waterbed mattresses also are available with outstanding furniture and bedroom sets.
You can also purchase hardside waterbed replacement mattresses.

A more understated look for a waterbed mattress is the softside waterbed.
The softside waterbed mattress looks just like a regular or traditional mattress, only it's filled with water, of course.
Most people can't tell the difference by looking at a softside mattress, but they can sure feel the difference when they sleep on one!

Softside Waterbed Mattress Sizes

Twin (Single)
Full (Double)
California King

Twin 39x75
Full 54x75
King 76x80
Queen 60x84
California King 72x84

The softside not only looks like a regular mattress, but can be used in conjunction with a regular bed frame, headboard and sheets.
However, keep in mind that a sofside waterbed mattress is quite heavy, and a special foundation is desired, instead of a traditional box spring. Our waterbed mattresses are available with or without a foundation. The foundation provides for a sturdy and stable platform for the heaviness of a mattress that is filled with water. Foundations for the Queen and King sizes are split in two pieces. By separating the foundation there will be no bowing, flexing or warping. Using a specialized foundation that is built specifically for waterbeds is more preferable than using a traditional box spring mattress.
Another advantage of a softside mattress is the choice of having a dual mattress. This gives you the luxury of separate halves, and the ability to control the temperature for either side.
Softside replacement mattresses are also available.
Check out our softside waterbed buying guide.

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