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Waterbed Mattress Resources

In helping you understand waterbed mattresses, it helps to know the specifics of waterbeds including the advantages and disadvantages of waterbeds and the difference between the types of waterbeds.
This resource includes a 'How To' section on cleaning a waterbed, repairing a leaking waterbed, how to use waterbed conditioner, controlling waterbed temperature, draining and filling a waterbed, using the correct sheets on a waterbed and how to sleep better at night.

We have a lot of helpful information on our waterbed resource page at Pillow Talk.

Types of Waterbed Mattresses - explains the types of waterbed mattresses including free flow, semi-waveless, and waveless mattresses.

Research paper (in .pdf) on mattresses and chronic lower back pain.

Are waterbed mattresses good for your back?
This helpful article on waterbeds and back support will help you decide. Lumbar support waterbed mattresses can also help with back pain.

The difference between softside and hardside waterbeds.

Health Benefits of Sleeping on a Waterbed Mattress

The advantages and disadvantages of waterbeds.

The pros and cons of waterbeds.

How to clean a waterbed mattress.

How to repair a leaky waterbed mattress.

The importance of waterbed conditioner, and how to use waterbed conditioner.

How to control waterbed temperature.

Are Waterbeds Good For You?

How to drain a waterbed.

How to replace a waterbed heater, and avoiding waterbed heater mistakes.

Tips on how to fill a waterbed.

How Full Should I Fill My Waterbed?

Waterbed conditioner home recipe.

How to make an outdoor waterbed for kids to play with.

Why you shouldn't use regular sheets on a waterbed.

Start Sleeping Better

Sleeping Tips

How to sleep better at night.

A Sleep Guide for Shift Work

Maintaining Spine Comfort.

Keep Your Spine Healthy and Happy.

How to brighten your mood.

The First Waterbed Mattress

Would you believe that cows have waterbeds too?

Have any questions about waterbed mattresses? Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083.

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