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Waterbed Mattress for Lumbar Support

If you are a person who needs more back support, or if you want more support in the lumbar area of your body, then finding the best waterbed mattress for your particular need is important.
Many of us experience back problems, and having extra support when you sleep can be very beneficial to one's well-being.
But what does lumbar support really mean? Is there a difference between a waterbed mattress with lumbar support than there is with a normal waterbed mattress?
The lumbar area is the part of the body that has the most weight to it. It is the specific space between the shoulder blades and the bottom of the butt.
A waterbed mattress with lumbar support adds layers of fiber to that same area. This means more back support and less sagging of the mattress in that area.
For back problems, having a waterbed that is properly filled is an important first step. Having a mattress with extra fiber padding at the mid-body is next.
If you are the type of person who suffers from back problems or other various mid-section type problems, then the combination of water flotation and extra mattress support may be of great benefit to you.
Imagine what having the weightless feeling of floating on water plus the extra lumbar support could do for your sleep pattern, and for your body. It could be the combination you've been looking for.

Waterbeds will evenly distribute the weight of your body which helps with fighting pain and discomfort. A waterbed mattress takes pressure off of the body and joints and is gravity neutral. You will no longer have a hard mattress that only irritates your body, and your pain will be relieved by relaxing muscle tension. Waterbeds also have a heating element, which also has obvious therapeutic benefits. People with arthritis, rheumatism or fibromyalgia will notice a difference, as well as those with lower back pain. Waterbeds are also hygienic and prevent dust, bed bugs and mites, so they are ideal for anyone who suffers from allergies or asthma. Waterbeds can also be beneficial for bed sores, sleep disorders, and can be helpful when dealing with many diseases too.

Waterbed Mattresses with Lumbar Support

We have waterbed mattresses with lumbar support available:
For hardside waterbed options (waterbeds that have a wooden frame), there is the 88% waveless waterbed mattress with lumbar support, or the 100% waveless waterbed mattress with lumbar support. Both of these options come with a free liner and fill kit. The 100% has 12 inches of fiber for more back support, and the 88% has 6 inches.

Hardside Waterbed Mattress with Lumbar Support Sizes:
Queen, 60 x 84
California King, 72 x 84
Super Single, 48 x 84

A softside waterbed option (waterbed mattresses that look just like a conventional mattress) includes the dual ultra waveless softside replacement mattress with lumbar support. This mattress is for couples and has two separate waterbed bladders for each partner's individual comfort. It has 14 inches of thick fiber for stronger back support.

Softside Waterbed Mattress with Lumbar Support Sizes:
Queen 6 inch straight wall
Queen 6 inch slope wall
Queen 7-8 inch straight wall
Queen 7-8 inch slope wall
Queen 9 inch slope wall
King 6 inch straight wall
King 6 inch slope wall
King 7-8 inch straight wall
King 7-8 inch slope wall
King 9 inch slope wall
California King 6 inch straight wall
California King 6 inch slope wall
California King 7-8 inch straight wall
California King 7-8 inch slope wall
California King 9 inch slope wall

Have any questions about waterbeds and lumbar support? Feel free to call us at 1-800-428-7083.
Check out our Waterbed Mattress FAQ.

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