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Waterbed Mattress Inserts

What is a waterbed mattress insert?
A waterbed mattress insert is to be used in conjunction with a traditional waterbed mattress frame (hardside waterbed frame).
The idea is to replace the waterbed mattress with a conventional mattress.

If you have a hardside waterbed, and want to replace the waterbed bladder with a regular mattress, there are some major points to consider:
Waterbed mattress inserts are custom sized, you can't buy one off the shelf.

There is no box spring, so you will be sleeping on a regular mattress only.

Waterbed padded rails don't work well with waterbed mattress inserts.

What about your waterbed sheets - will your hardside waterbed sheets still fit on an insert? Well, they may....somewhat. Obviously you will be unable to make your sheets fit perfectly as they do now with your current waterbed mattress.

Will the insert obscure your waterbed headboard? Waterbed mattress inserts generally sit higher, above the padded rails and also above your current mattress height. This will mean that the insert may block portions of your waterbed headboard.

How much of the added height of a waterbed mattress insert affect things like climbing in and out of bed?

Of course, your bed will no longer be heated, as your waterbed mattress heater is for waterbed bladders only.

Waterbed mattress inserts are oddball sizes. Whether your existing hardside is a Queen, King, Single, or California King, because of the dimensions needed to fit a waterbed bladder, the size of a replacement insert mattress will not be of average conventional mattress sizes. Will the new waterbed insert mattress fit your waterbed frame nicely? You may have to make modifications that you won't like.

You may be disappointed by the unforgiving firmness of a regular insert mattress, as compared to the distinct and natural waterbed mattress feel.

If you currently utilize a dual waterbed mattress, you will most certainly be hard pressed to find a dual mattress insert.

We highly recommend our air mattress for hardside waterbeds, also available with your choice of hardside covers.
Its a perfect fit in a hardside wood frame.

Adjustable firmness like a hardside waterbed.

You can still use your waterbed sheets, and at less than $400 (with a cover), it's less than half price of an unforgiving innerspring mattress.

Have questions about waterbed mattress inserts? Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083 and we can help you with the decision process.

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