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How Long Do Waterbeds Last?

Although a waterbed mattress requires a little maintenance, they are very durable and will last longer than does a traditional mattress. Unlike a traditional mattress, a waterbed mattress does not have springs that can break down or foam that degrades over time. The average life span of a waterbed mattress is 12-15 years, but we have seen them last longer than 30 years. We highly recommend using waterbed conditioner, which keeps the water clean and fresh, and helps treat the interior of the waterbed mattress, keeping it supple and free of bacteria and algae. We recommend using a waterbed conditioner at least once a year. You can also use the conditioner on the exterior of the waterbed bladder which will keep the bladder supple and also extend the lifetime of your waterbed. This will keep it from turning brittle and become prone to minor cracking and premature aging. Unless the waterbed mattress is punctured, which is highly unlikely, the mattress will keep providing wonderful sleeping enjoyment and back support for many years. Minor tears and punctures can be fixed with a waterbed repair kit.

Heating the waterbed mattress has no effect on life expectancy either. Whether you keep the temperature of the bed at 70 or 95 degrees, it does not affect the life expectancy of the waterbed whatsoever. Also, the amount of water that you put in the waterbed mattress will also have very little impact on the waterbed mattresses’ longevity and its lifetime.

When you need to move your waterbed I highly recommend that you call a professional to discuss what you need to do to properly drain and protect the waterbed mattress during the move. Call us at 1-800-428-7083 if you have any questions. It’s not hard, but a little practical advice is worth its weight in gold. I recommend renting an electric pump from a tool rental store to ensure that the insides of the mattress is not destroyed in the draining process. If you follow a few simple instructions, your mattress will be good as new after you complete the move.

We offer both hardside waterbeds and softside waterbeds, and our waterbeds are made in the USA and we provide free shipping.

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