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Waterbed Heaters - FAQ

Do I really need a waterbed heater?
In order to keep the temperature of your waterbed at a pleasing and constant level of temperature, you will need a waterbed heater.
A good example is how your bath water becomes cooler than you like after you leave the water sit awhile. You may have to add more hot water to your bath in order to keep the temperature warm enough.
The same holds true for waterbeds. They will likely become too cool for your taste without being heated.
A cool waterbed will draw heat from your body, making you feel even colder. A waterbed mattress cover can help with that, but you still should have a heater in order to keep your desirable temperature.
Even if you think you may not need one, it's a good idea to have one!

How do I install my waterbed heater?
The placement of the waterbed heater should be on a flat service (usually the plywood decking), under the safety liner.
It's a good idea not to place it near the side of the mattress because it may be too close to the edge for proper heating. The best place to install it is in the center.

Why is my waterbed heater blinking?
Your digital heater is heating up when it's blinking. If it's a turn-dial heater, the blinking is a defective heater and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

Do your waterbed heaters come with a warranty?
All our waterbed heaters have a lifetime warranty, except for two. Our 2 lowest cost waterbed heaters have a 4 year warranty.

What is the wattage of a waterbed heater?
Waterbed heaters come in different wattages. Our solid state waterbed heaters are rated at 325 watts.
Softside waterbeds don't need as many watts to heat the mattress, as does a hardside waterbed.
We also have a European waterbed heater that comes in 220 volts.

Are there different types of waterbed heaters?
There are two types of heaters. Both types work great, but a digital uses different electronics, and includes a digital readout, and a remote.
The regular solid state heater uses a dial type knob.

Should I get an extra heater for my partner's side of the waterbed?
A separate heater on your partners side will not give you separate heat, but it will work more efficiently, heat up faster, and turn off more quickly for better energy savings.

I have a tube waterbed. Do I need a special waterbed heater?
Yes, we have a special tube waterbed heater to be used with the tube style waterbeds.

Are heating pads included with a waterbed heater?
All of our waterbed heaters include a heating pad.

Do waterbed heaters use a lot of electricity?
Waterbed heaters are very easy on the budget. They are not on all the time, just enough to heat the water to a desirable temperature, and keep it there. The cost to run a waterbed heater is minimal.

Do I need to be concerned about EMF radiation?
There is always a consideration regarding EMF radiation (electric and magnetic fields). Our waterbed heaters are safe and are virtually EMF free for safety. All products we sell are thoroughly tested by expert labs before receiving the seal of approval from UL Labs (an independent safety science company).

Do waterbed heaters come with a remote?
Yes, our digital waterbed heaters come with a remote.

What temperature should I set my waterbed heater at?
Setting the heater between 85 and 92 degrees should be the right spot for most people.

How long does it take for a waterbed to heat up?
We recommend filling your bed with a waterbed fill kit and use very warm water. This will speed up the heating process to 2 to 3 days and also allow you to sleep on the bed the first night. If you fill with cold water it can take up to a week to heat.

Have any questions about waterbed heaters? Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083.

You can also take a look at the waterbed heaters we offer.

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