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Waterbed Furniture - FAQ

Can your waterbed furniture be used with both hardside and softside waterbeds?
Yes, either type of waterbed will look perfect with our furniture. Our waterbed furniture is known for both craftsmanship and quality, and is made in the USA.

What different kinds of waterbed furniture are available?
We offer a wide variety of waterbed furniture that you can buy, including: Dressers Chests Night Tables Mirrors Waterbed Pedestals

What type of wood is your waterbed furniture made from?
Our waterbed bedroom furniture is made using oak wood. To be more specific - northern red oak. Colors of the wood include a stain of honey oak, and we also have custom finishes available which include natural oak, white oak, dark oak, black oak, white wash, cherry oak, mission oak, and expresso. Oak is a hardwood, which means your furniture will be durable and solid Our bedroom pieces maintain their strength for a lifetime....and longer. The inside of our drawers are dovetailed and made of birch wood.

Why do sell waterbed furniture?
At one time, waterbed furniture wasn't much of a concern. The only furniture available to match a waterbed was cheaply made and not made to last. Times have changed. We know there are many connoisseurs out there who have a finely tuned sense of taste. They want their bedroom furniture to accentuate their waterbed, and add to the complete look and decor of a bedroom. When you buy a waterbed from us, you have the option of also purchasing matching furniture, for those who enjoy the mood that corresponding colors can bring to a home. This is especially important for those people who like a Feng shui type of atmosphere.

What is a waterbed wall system, and what is included?
Wall units are placed at the headboard position of a waterbed. Known as bookcase headboards, they provide an attractive means of storage and can include any number of the following: Shelves Pull-out Shelves Cabinets Drawers Cubby's Mirror Embedded Light Bridge

I don't have a lot of storage space in my bedroom. Do you offer waterbeds with 'under the bed' storage?
You can buy a waterbed pedestal (also known as waterbed platforms) from us that includes storage space under the waterbed. We have several pedestals available with different options including cabinets, cubby's and sliding drawers. Options include different drawer sizes and cabinet heights, depending on the amount of storage space you prefer. Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083 if you have any questions.

What makes your waterbed furniture different than others?
We use what we we consider the finest wood for our furniture - oak. Oak is known for its unique grain style, strength, and beautiful look. Our craftsman (and craftswomen of course) will pick the best oak pieces for the furniture they make. Picking a piece of wood with a notable grain is especially important. This is what brings out the true beauty of any piece of oak. The color of the stain is also an integral part of making quality furniture. Bringing out the inner beauty of a particular piece of oak is important when making fine furniture.

Have any questions about waterbed furniture? Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083.

You can also take a look at our waterbed bedroom sets & furniture page.

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