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Waterbed Furniture

Whether you are purchasing a hardside waterbed or a softside waterbed, or if you already have a waterbed, you may wish to have matching furniture for your bedroom. Purchasing a set of furniture will help your waterbed become integrated with the rest of the room.
For our money, there is no better look for any bedroom than oak furniture. Oak is a traditional wood that emanates an austere and natural look, giving off a timeless appearance. It is certainly one of the most beautiful woods available for the price. Itís also one of the most durable woods around. Oak wood leans to the grainy side, which gives it a rather unique look, especially when the natural grain of the wood is allowed to flourish with the proper stain finish. Another redeeming feature of oak is its strength. With oak waterbed furniture you get a long lasting, durable and elegant bedroom set that will last for generations.

Waterbed Wall Furniture
A unique look that is synonymous with waterbeds is the 'wall' unit. A wall unit is placed at the head of the waterbed and can consist of a variety of shelves, cabinets, bookcase, drawers and more. Other unique features can include mirrors, embedded lights, or side pull-out shelves, which are perfect for a laptop, tablet, or even a glass of milk.

Waterbed Pedestals
Pedestal or platforms for waterbeds are also considered furniture. Pedestals can come equipped with cabinets or sliding drawers, to take advantage of under-the-bed storage space. You can also purchase a pedestal that comes supplied with a headboard that matches your pedestal.

Waterbed Bedroom Furniture
Other waterbed bedroom furniture includes chest of drawers, night tables and mirrors.

Once your main pieces are decided, you can start adding your own miscellaneous furniture pieces such as lamps, chairs, TV, and the like. Giving your bedroom your own quirky and special touch is part of the fun, and shows off your unique tastes and style.

Waterbed Furniture Store

Our waterbed furniture store features some exceptional pieces that will enhance and complement your bedroom. Take a look at the items listed below, and give us a call at 1-800-428-7083 if you have any questions. We'll be happy to advise you on the best options available for your bedroom.
Oak Bed Wall - 2 pier cabinets, light bridge, mirrors, bookcase headboard
Oak Platform with Headboard - 6 drawer pedestal
14" Oak Pedestal with Drawers - easy slide 6 drawer pedestal, fits any size waterbed, 14 inches high
Oak Night Table - 2 drawers, 22" Height x 17" Depth x 24" Width
Oak Dresser - 7 drawers, 30" Height x 17" Depth x 62" Width
Oak Chest of Drawers - 5 drawers, 45" Height x 17" Depth x 32" Width
Oak Mirror for Dresser - Tri-fold Mirror for our 7 drawer oak dresser (above)
Oak Mule Chest - Unique chest with center mule doors (must see to appreciate this beautiful oak chest)

Have any questions about waterbed furniture? Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083.

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