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What is waterbed conditioner?

Waterbed conditioner is an algaecide. The conditioner stabilizes the quality of the water in waterbeds so there is no risk of algae or bacteria growth inside the waterbed mattress. We recommend you add a 4 oz bottle of conditioner every six months to your waterbed. You can also purchase the conditioner in 8 oz. bottles, which then treat the waterbed for 1 full year. It is recommended that all waterbeds be treated with a conditioner every year.

Since the waterbed is heated, it gradually creates a bacteria buildup inside the mattress which is easily eliminated by pouring in one bottle of 8oz waterbed conditioner once a year. Additionally, the waterbed conditioner treats the inside of the mattress preventing the bacteria from attaching to the inside of the mattress. Because the inside of a waterbed mattress is moist and warm, mold can develop as well. A good waterbed conditioner will help prevent mold and mildew from forming on the inside of your mattress. It also prevents any smell that can develop from untreated water. Another advantage to using waterbed conditioner is that it helps keep gas bubbles to a minimum, which can make your waterbed mattress expand and eventually become stiffer.

Another use for waterbed conditioner is to use it on the outside of a waterbed bladder. Rubbing the conditioner on the outside of the waterbed bladder will keep it soft and supple and prevent cracking, especially on the seams.

In summation, if you own a waterbed you should consider spending 10 dollars per year to properly treating your waterbed with waterbed conditioner which extends the life of your waterbed mattress, and keeps the water fresh and clean and free from certain types of bacteria algae, and mold.

Available water conditioner:
2 Bottles of Waterbed Conditioner (8 oz. bottles)
6 Bottles of Waterbed Conditioner with free waterbed patch kit (8 oz. bottles)
1 Bottle of Waterbed Conditioner with patch kit
Conditioner Tablets for Waterbed Tubes

Have any questions about using waterbed conditioner? Call us at 1-800-428-7083.

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