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Waterbed Benefits

If you're thinking about buying a waterbed, and you are new to the world of waterbeds, then you are probably wondering about the advantages and benefits of having one.
Waterbeds aren't right for everyone, but anyone can certainly enjoy them. If you've never been on a waterbed, then you have a special treat coming your way. There is absolutely nothing like sleeping on a bed of water.
The freedom and comfort benefits are obvious. But there are other things to consider when buying a waterbed.

Waterbeds Are Therapeutic

One of the more important aspects of waterbeds is the therapeutic applications.
Did you know that laying on a waterbed can increase blood flow and circulation?
Did you know that waterbeds support every part of your body both uniformly and comfortably? That puts less strain on the key parts of the human body including back, hips and shoulders.
Because waterbeds are heated, they will also help improve the problem of joint and muscle tension, and help to relieve the tenseness of tight muscles from a stressful day.
Let's not forget the awesomeness of climbing into a warm bed on a cold winter's night!
Not to mention the tranquility and peacefulness one feels when floating on water. Let the tension and pressure just slip away from both your mind and body.
If you suffer from any number of ailments such as arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, bed sores or any other physical problem, then a waterbed may be just the ticket to help ease your suffering.
Waterbeds are also hygienic. They help to prevent dust mites and are perfect for anyone who has asthma or is allergic.

Other Waterbed Benefits

Did you realize that you can buy a dual waterbed mattress? This means that your waterbed will actually contain two chambers, one for each side of the bed. Just like with a traditional dual mattress, you and your partner can sleep more independently of one another, and the tossing and turning movements of one person won't bother the other at night.

Did you know that a waterbed weighs less per square foot than a refrigerator does? Any house built using the appropriate building codes will have no trouble supporting the weight of a waterbed.

An important and interesting thing about waterbeds is that they come in many varieties of 'wave motion'. This means that you can buy a waterbed of any motion level you wish, from full-wave to waveless. If you like a lot of waves, you can go for the 'free flow' waterbed mattress. If you don't like waves at all, then pick a 'waveless' mattress. You can get any type of mattress between those two extremes including 90% wave action, 80% wave action, 60% wave action and so on. It's completely up to you.

Worried about how often the water needs to be changed? Don't be. As long as you periodically add conditioner, you will probably never have to change the water, unless you move the waterbed. The conditioner will prevent any algae or bacteria from forming.

Did you know that a softside waterbed mattress looks just like a regular mattress? A hardside waterbed has the original wood frame look that many people picture when thinking of waterbeds.

What if your waterbed leaks? Make sure your waterbed comes equipped with a safety liner, and you won't have to worry about any water leaking out and soaking your floor.

Waterbed mattresses don't require flipping or turning.

An uninterrupted night of sleep is important for anyone. Did you know that waterbeds can be of benefit for extending the REM sleep cycle? You will sleep longer and more comfortably.

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