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Our Waterbeds are Made in the USA

American craftsmanship, ingenuity and know-how

We are committed to selling only American made waterbeds and waterbed mattresses.
Besides protecting U.S. jobs, our USA made waterbeds also means that we will not skimp on quality.

Our Waterbed mattresses made in USA have the following advantages:
Much higher quality 22 mil vinyl and superior seams.
22 mil thick vs. Chinese mattresses which are 18 mil (much thinner).
Lifetime warranty on all seams - our USA made mattresses have much longer lasting high quality seams.
Built-in air removal valve - air bleeder valve for removal of air from the waterbed mattress (known as 'burping' a mattress).
More consistency of quality control - this means that we can't control what’s going on in another country, so that's why we sell American made waterbeds.
Chinese made waterbeds have vinyl that is inferior in quality testing - quality control and manufacturing consistency is lacking on many foreign import waterbed mattresses.
Chinese made waterbed vinyl has about half the life expectancy of U.S. made superior vinyl.
Almost all of our waterbed mattresses are made to order, and shipping is much quicker (shipping takes only days, not weeks).
USA made waterbeds are new and recently made - import mattresses can be 1-2 years old before they reach the consumer.

We have been selling high quality waterbeds to our customers in the good ol' USA since 1983.
We believe in our country very strongly, and our proud commitment to selling American made waterbeds is second to none.
We are all aware that the inferior materials and cheap labor from other countries often means that quality and durability will suffer.
With us, you can choose from a wide variety of 'wave actions' including full motion, free flow, semi motion, no wave, ultra waveless, 60% waveless, 80% waveless, 95% waveless etc. It's up to you to decide if you prefer a lot of motion in your waterbed mattress, some motion, or hardly any motion at all.
Another great selling point is the collection of mattress sizes. Our softside waterbeds come in the same sizes as does traditional beds including twin (single), full (double), king and queen sizes. Our hardside waterbeds come in king (California King), queen, and single. You can also check out our replacement waterbed mattresses.

As always, we provide free shipping to the continental USA. Order online or give us a call at 1-800-428-7083 and let us help you.

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