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FAQ - Waterbed Back Support & Pain Relief

Do waterbeds help with back problems?
Certain waterbed mattresses are made to give you extra back support.
Beyond that, you can fill your waterbed mattress with more or less water, which may help alleviate some back problems.
Many people like to have a firmer mattress for better back support, and they generally will use more water in their waterbed to help make it firmer.
Waterbeds will distribute the weight of your body over a larger area which can also help with back pain and bodily discomfort because there is less stress on the pressure points of the body.

Is there a waterbed mattress that pertains to back problems and back support specifically?
We offer waterbed mattresses that are specifically formulated for back and lumbar support.
These mattresses are made with extra fiber filling for better back support.
Hardside waterbed - 88% waveless waterbed mattress with lumbar support - 6" of fiber in the lower back region.
Softside waterbed - Dual ultra waveless replacement waterbed mattress with lumbar support - 14" of fiber in the lower back region (dual waterbeds are two individual mattresses in one for couples). This mattress allows for each person to adjust their own level of firmness.

Are there are other ways a waterbed can help with back problems?
Waterbed heaters can help alleviate back problems. The temperature level setting of your waterbed can be adjusted for more heat, which will offer therapeutic benefits for certain back problems, and help with blood flow throughout the body. This means that waterbeds can help with your body's circulation.
Waterbed heaters act similar to a heating pad, which can help with back pain. They are also helpful in reducing tension, which in turn helps with back pain as well.
Waterbeds will fit themselves to the contour of your body, generally offering less resistance than does a traditional mattress. This too can help alleviate back pain.
Waterbeds have a 'wave action' that acts as a sort of massage for the back as well.
Waterbeds allow for reduced pressure on joints as well as on the spine and back.

Should I buy a waterbed mattress with a lot of wave, or one with no wave to help with my back problem?
A waterbed mattress that is waveless or has little wave is generally better for the back, but each individual is different.

What can I do to help with back support while I sleep?
The position of your spine while you sleep is very important in keeping back pain to a minimum.
Some people use an extra pillow in the curve of their back to help alleviate pain, others will place a pillow under their knees to help with back pain.
Try to keep a flat or neutral spine when sleeping, thus keeping with the natural curve of your spine.
The best method is what works best for you and your particular back support problem.

If you have any questions about waterbeds and back support, we can help. Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083.

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