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Sterling Softside Waterbeds

Relaxation - Serenity - Peace

We now have luxurious softside waterbeds handcrafted by Sterling.
Sterling has been making notable and high-class waterbeds since 1987.
They are made in the USA and epitomize the convenience and advantages of softside waterbeds.
Sterling has sold over a million waterbeds in their history and are eco-friendly and easy to clean.
Pillowtop allows you to control the relaxation quotient of your waterbed mattress with up to 11 inches of it, and adding 3 inches of memory foam to your waterbed will make your softside waterbed even more extravagant and sumptuous.
You can also purchase a free flow tube waterbed from us. A Sterling tube waterbed will give you an added way to adjust the amount of water in your bed, giving you even more control over the luxury level. It allows you to add more or less water to each side of your waterbed so your partner can experience a different firmness on their side of the bed.

Comfort and luxury - what more can you ask for in a waterbed?

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Our Sterling Waterbeds include:
Dual Waveless Waterbed with Memory Foam
Dual Pillowtop Waveless Waterbed with 2 Waterbed Heaters
Single Pillowtop Waveless Waterbed
Pillowtop Tube Waterbed

Sterling Waterbeds are made in the USA and we don't charge for shipping.
Have any questions about Sterling Waterbeds? Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083.

You can also take a look at our Sterling Waterbeds page.

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