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Softside Waterbeds

We have been in the waterbed business since 1983, and we know that many people get confused when wondering about the kind of waterbed they should buy.
While there are many styles of waterbeds that include waveless, semi-motion, full wave etc., there are only two actual types of waterbeds - the hardside and the softside waterbed.
A hardside waterbed is the type of waterbed you would see at the beginning, and the original waterbed that you may be familiar with - wood side and frame, with an elaborate bookcase headboard attached.
But what is a softside waterbed?
What is the difference between the old original look of the familiar waterbed (hardside) and the newer version of waterbed called the 'softside'?
The most glaring difference is that a softside waterbed looks just like a regular mattress.
In fact, just looking at a regular bed mattress and a softside waterbed mattress side-by-side, you would be hard pressed to tell the difference.
However, it's what's inside the mattress that makes the difference, and what counts!
With a regular mattress you get springs. The softside waterbed of course hasn't any springs, but uses water for the cushioning instead.
You may be asking "How can a softside waterbed mattress look just like a conventional mattress?" It's because the bladder that holds the water is actually inside of a zip cover and held on the sides, top and bottom by fillers.

Most people choose a softside over a hardside because of the convenience, and also because softsides look just like a regular bed.
However, if you like the old style look of waterbeds, then you will probably want to buy a hardside waterbed instead of a softside waterbed.

Softside Waterbed Advantages
There are many advantages to having a softside waterbed:
They mimic the conventional mattress and look much the same as the mattress and box spring that you currently own.
Easier to climb out of then a hardside.
You are able to utilize a regular bed frame.
Keep your own bedding, sheets, and comforters.
Keep the bedroom furniture you have at present, your new softside waterbed will match it, just like your regular mattress does now.
Available in same standard sizes as a regular mattresses:
Also available in dual (two waterbed mattresses in one) for the singular convenience of two separate people on each side of the waterbed.
Softside waterbeds are available with free flow, Semi-waveless and Waveless mattresses, and everything in between.

We have both softside waterbeds and softside waterbed replacement mattresses.

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Feel free to call us at 1-800-428-7083 and we can help answer any questions.

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