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Softside Waterbeds Buying Guide
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Waterbeds are available in 2 different categories. There is a "hardside" waterbed that has a wooden frame that holds a water mattress, and a "softside" waterbed that looks like a regular innerspring mattress and has a soft foam edge that holds the water mattress. This buying guide is set up to talk about the advantages of softside waterbeds , and to help you choose the type of bed that is right for you.

Softside waterbeds offer many benefits over the "old style" hardside models. Because they look like just like a regular innerspring mattress, you will not have the added expense of buying new linens for your bed because regular sheets fit a softside waterbed just fine! Many people also find that a softside waterbed also fits in well with the decor of their bedroom because they don't have to match their furniture to the wood frame like a hardside waterbed.  Below are some of the important features you should look for when purchasing a softside waterbed.

The foundation

Unlike a regular mattress, the box spring of a softside waterbed has no springs. Because the foundation will be supporting a large amount of weight is very important that the foundation be as strong as possible. All of our foundations are made of solid wood. (No cheap particle board here!) We even offer a split foundation on our Queen and King size models to increase the structural integrity of the foundation. By separating the foundation in 2 pieces, no bowing, flexing or warping can occur. This also makes the foundation much easier to move. (ever try to carry a box spring upstairs?) A split foundation makes moving your bed a snap.

The Foam Rails

The foam rails on a softside waterbed are incredibly important. Because this foam tub is holding the water mattress, and because you will be getting in and out of the bed it is critical the rail is of high quality. Our foam rails are 2 pounds per square density. (the strongest on the market), and have been torture tested to last more than 50 years. Our tapered foam rails are thinner at the top, and wider at the bottom to increase sleeping area and to prevent bowing.

Mattress Covers

The softside cover is very important as it will have direct impact on the way the bed feels. This is why we have 3 distinct covers for our softside beds. We do not offer 4 inch thick tops loaded up with memory foam as you will not even feel like you are on a waterbed.

Our "plushtop softside waterbed" is designed to be most like a regular waterbed. We use approximately 1 inch of fiber fill in the quilted top cover so that you will be as close as possible to the waterbed mattress. This allows for maximum benefits from the heater and mattress, just like you get from a traditional hardside mattress. The quilted cover comes completely off for cleaning.

Our "Pillowtop softside waterbed" has approximately 2.5 inches of fiber fill and a minimal amount of supersoft foam. This prevents body impressions and adds to the life expectancy of the cover. It also is completely removeable for cleaning. This bed will be more luxurious than the plushtop, but still allows for heat to come through the top. This is a medium firm choice.

Our firmest bed is the "Visco Pillowtop". By adding just 1 inch of memory foam, it makes the cover tighter and as a result it yields less and supports the body more. If you want the support of a waterbed but you like a firmer feel, this is your bed.


This is the heart of the bed and we make absolutely no compromises. Some beds have one mattress on the inside, while others have 2. (A dual system) If you chose a bed with a dual system, you will have the ability to also control the temperature of either side of the bed to your own personal comfort level. With 24 mil thick virgin vinyl and injected molded corners, you will be hard pressed to find a better quality mattress. With a unique tethering system that has an injection molded loop on the inside of each corner, "bunching" of the inside components is eliminated. Weather you decide on a dual, or single system, you will be treated to a lumbar support system that cradles your back and helps keep your spine in alignment while you sleep.


We only use top of the line solid-state heaters with all of our beds. No need to pay an upgrade fee to get the best as we include it in the price. Our heaters are accurate to within one tenth of one degree and are incredibly efficient.

Sizes available in Inches

Single (Twin) 39'x 75'
Full (Double)  54'x 75'
Queen             60'x 80'
King               76'x 80
Cal King        72'x 84' (Special order)



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