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Softside Waterbeds - FAQ

What is a softside waterbed?
There are two main types of waterbeds - the hardside waterbed and the softside waterbed.
The softside waterbed looks just like a regular mattress. Most people can't tell the difference between a regular mattress and a softside waterbed mattress, unless they sit or lay on it.
A softside waterbed is filled with water, a regular mattress is filled with springs.
A softside waterbed contains a vinyl bladder that holds the water and is covered with a 'waterbed zip cover' that makes it look like a regular mattress. The sides are held up with fillers which gives it the square look, just like a regular mattress. It's more than just water - softside waterbeds also use quilting and padding that is placed between the water and the person lying on the bed.

If I buy a softside waterbed, can I use my own existing bed frame?
Yes you can. Softside waterbed mattresses are made to fit in regular bed frames.

Can I use the same sheets and bedding as I have currently?
Yes, in fact the same bedding, linen, and sheets that you use with your regular mattress will fit your new waterbed, no matter the size. That's because softside waterbeds are made in the same sizes as regular beds.

What sizes are softside waterbeds available in?
Softside waterbeds come in the same sizes as do regular mattresses:
Twin (Single)
Full (Double)
California King

What if I don't like the feeling of a lot of 'wave action'?
No problem. You can get any kind of 'wave motion' you would prefer including full wave, semi-waveless, or no wave at all.
Our waterbeds come in full motion, free flow, semi-motion, no wave, ultra waveless, 60% waveless, 80% waveless, and 95% waveless. Whatever wave motion you want, we got it.
If you are confused about which one is best for you, give us a call at 1-800-428-7083 and we can help.

I don't want to be chilly at night! Doesn't the water in a waterbed get cold?
You will need to buy a waterbed heater. These types of waterbed heaters are digital and adjustable. You can even get a dual heater so you and your partner can sleep at different temperatures.

My partner moves around a lot when we are sleeping, what can I do?
You can buy a dual waterbed. Dual softside waterbeds contain two separate bladders inside one mattress. It's just like having two separate mattresses in one.
This will really help alleviate any movement your partner makes, so you won't wake up.

What if my waterbed leaks? Will it flood my home?
We suggest using a waterbed safety liner to guard against this sort of thing. If your waterbed does spring a leak, you can easily fix it with a waterbed repair kit.
However, water leakage is not likely to happen because our waterbeds are built with extra strong seams and the bladder itself is very tough.

How can I make my waterbed more comfortable?
Purchasing a more luxurious cover for your waterbed would help. We have both Pillowtop and Plushtop waterbed covers available. Plushtop's contain very little padding, but come with a quilt pattern for a unique look. Plushtop's are designed to make you have a more 'waterbed feel'. Pillowtop's have more padding and also contain memory foam.

I have a physical ailment. Will a softside waterbed help?
Yes. Problems such as back pain, joint pain, bone and muscular conditions, arthritis, rheumatism, fibromyalgia, Lupus etc. all can be relieved by using a waterbed.
Waterbeds produce less stress on a human body's pressure points, thus helping to relive pain.
Don't forget - waterbed heaters also help with physical ailments.

What is a tube waterbed?
A softside waterbed can be purchased with tubes inside, rather than a bladder. Tube waterbeds are adjustable by the amount of water that is in each tube. You can use less water for a softer feel, more water for a firmer feel.
This means that each person can adjust the amount of firmness that works best for them. Tubes are easily transported, and weigh less than a regular waterbed.
You can buy a either waveless waterbed tubes or free flow waterbed tubes.

Have any questions about softside waterbeds? Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083.

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