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Replacement Waterbed Mattresses - FAQ

Why replace my waterbed mattress?
Your current waterbed already has its own mattress. After time, you may want to replace it.
Some people like to replace their waterbed mattress after 10-15 years.
If you are not having problems with your waterbed at present, then you don't have to replace it.
Many of our waterbed bladders and mattresses have seams that are double stitched, so you really don't have to worry.
However, just like anything else waterbed mattresses do wear out, and may need to be replaced.

What is a softside waterbed replacement mattress?
Softside waterbeds look just like a traditional bed. When ordering a replacement mattress you need to measure the height of your foam rails. Make note if they are slope walls or straight walls.
You can choose from a variety of wave motions for your replacement mattress including full motion, semi- motion (semi-waveless), waveless, ultra waveless, and 90% waveless.
You can also purchase a dual waterbed replacement mattress which is essentially a pair of waterbed mattresses rolled into one. This can help when you sleep with a partner who does a lot of tossing and turning or makes a lot of movement when sleeping. Dual replacement mattresses also come in a variety of wave motions including full motion, semi- motion (semi-waveless), waveless, ultra waveless, and 90% waveless.
Softside Waterbed Replacement Mattresses

What is a hardside waterbed replacement mattress?
Hardside waterbeds have the older look of traditional waterbeds with a wood frame and headboard. They can be quite elaborate and may include a bookcase, mirror, lights, cubbys and more.
Hardside waterbed replacement mattresses (also known as bladders) come in a plethora of wave actions including waveless, ultra waveless, full motion, 65% waveless, 80% waveless, 88% waveless, and 95% waveless.
A hardside replacement mattress also comes in dual form. This means that the mattress has two separate bladders in one, so you are not bothered as much by a partner's movement at night in your sleep.
Hardside Waterbed Replacement Mattresses

What sizes are hardside waterbed replacement mattresses available in?
King (California King) - 72x84
Queen - 60x84
Single - 48x84
Twin - 39x84

What sizes are softside waterbed replacement mattresses available in?
Twin 4 inch
Twin 6 inch straight wall
Twin 6 inch slope wall
Twin 7-8 inch straight wall
Twin 7-8 inch slope wall
Twin 9 inch slope wall
Full 4 inch
Full 6 inch straight wall
Full 6 inch slope wall
Full 7-8inch straight wall
Full 7-8 inch slope wall
Full 9 inch slope wall
Queen 4 inch
Queen 6 inch straight wall
Queen 6 inch slope wall
Queen 7-8 inch straight wall
Queen 7-8 inch slope wall
Queen 9 inch slope wall
King 4 inch
King 6 inch straight wall
King 6 inch slope wall
King 7-8 inch straight wall
King 7-8 inch slope wall
King 9 inch slope wall
Cal King 4 inch
Cal King 6 inch straight wall
Cal King 6 inch slope wall
Cal King 7-8 inch straight wall
Cal King 7-8 inch slope wall
Cal King 9 inch slope wall

How much water does it take to fill a replacement waterbed mattress?
It takes approximately 230 gallons of water to fill a king size waterbed mattress.

How much does a replacement waterbed mattress weigh?
Filled with water a replacement mattress can weigh around 1,500 lbs. However, the weight isn't much of a consideration when you realize that they weigh less per square foot than does a refrigerator.

What's the best way to drain my old mattress?
Some people drain their waterbed out the window, in the sink, or in the tub.
Whichever method you choose, it is a good idea to have a pump to help drain it. Using a pump means you don't have to have the drain hose lower than the bed or mattress that you are draining (using gravity).
Fill and drain kits are also helpful when filling and draining your waterbed.

What's the best way to fill my replacement mattress?
Here's some helpful links on the subject:
How to Fill a Waterbed Mattress
Tips on Filling a Waterbed
Fill a Waterbed with Fewer Bubbles

Have any questions about replacement waterbed mattresses? Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083.

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