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The Original Waterbed

The Hardside Waterbed
The Designer Hardside Waterbed is back, and available for delivery in 1-2 weeks. It replicates the look of the original waterbed from back in the day.
The waterbed that started it all!
If you are one of those unique people looking for the style and tradition of the original waterbed, then we have the perfect waterbed for you!
Modern hardside waterbeds look a lot like the first waterbed we put out on the market.
Ah, the memories!
It wasn't long after the invention of the modern waterbed by Charles Prior Hall that the hardside waterbed was born.
That's why we're proud to bring it back and make it available to you.

We know that while many people love sleeping on a waterbed, they may choose to purchase a softside waterbed because it looks exactly like a traditional mattress. However, there are a wide variety of people out there who love the look of the original waterbed with the wooden base and headboard.
People of a certain age will remember their parents or friends who purchased a waterbed in the early days. It's the look of those original waterbeds that they are after. It should be noted that when you purchase a hardside waterbed you are getting the original waterbed look, although the waterbed mattress or bladder itself has changed a lot since then. Nowadays a waterbed mattress is much more viable, comfortable, and trustworthy than before.
Furthermore, there are many newer styles to choose from, as well as different 'wave' levels. The accessories too have changed and modern waterbed heaters are now digital and more efficient than the old days.

So, while you may enjoy the look of the original waterbeds, you should know that these days they are even more comfortable and last longer.

Check out our Designer Hardside Waterbed. It replicates the look of the original waterbed from back in the day.

Have questions about the original hardside waterbed? Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083 and we can help with any questions you may have.

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