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Pillow Talk

A Mom and Pop Retailer now a Mom and Pop Etailer

Original Waterbed Store

We started selling waterbeds in 1983, and soon will be celebrating 35 yrs. in the waterbed business.
We started with a small retail store with about 14 beds. In 1985 the business took off, and we were getting real busy.
Our sales were growing about 25% per year.
In the late 1980's softside beds began to overtake the old wood frame style beds in sales.
This was great for us because we had a small store, and could not rely on furniture sales to pay our bills.
Other larger stores needed to sell big ticket furniture to survive. We could rely on primarily just selling the beds and softside waterbeds, which sold for $600-$1200.
As a result of the movement away from the big ticket wood frame style beds and furniture sales, most stores that needed that type of business suffered terribly, and eventually started branching out into other items, or went out of business.

The waterbed business was really slowing down by the mid to late 1990's.
We were able to keep going because we were a mom and pop waterbed retailer that could provide personal service.
We spent years like this until we opened our website at, and began to use the same principle of mom and pop style personal service to etailing. started doing very well with a complete selection of waterbeds, replacement mattresses for softside beds, hardside mattresses, hardside waterbeds, padded rail caps, waterbed heaters, waterbed sheets, and waterbed accessories.

If you wish to make a purchase, or have any questions please call us toll free at 1-800-428-7083.

BTW we ship free and don't charge any sales tax.

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