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Memory Foam Mattress - FAQ

What are the advantages to buying a memory foam mattress?
A memory foam mattress will conform to your own unique body shape no matter your weight, height, or size. There is no other method of sleeping that adheres to this type of body contour shaping. Unlike a traditional mattress it will allow your body to diffuse its pressure points so you won't feel as much resistance on your hips, shoulders and joints. Your pressure points will in essence spread out over a larger area because the mattress will fill the gaps all along your body shape.

Can I use a memory foam mattress with a regular mattress foundation?
Yes, simply lay it on your regular box spring as you would a normal mattress.

What sizes are memory foam mattresses available in?
We offer a 10" Memory Foam Mattress and a 12" Memory Foam Mattress.

What types of memory foam sleeping devices are available?
You can choose between a memory foam mattress or a memory foam topper that lays on top of a regular mattress.

I've heard that memory foam mattresses will make your body too warm at night, is this true?
That observation was noticed because there is no way for air to circulate under the contours of the body, because of the 'filling of gaps' along the body line. However, this problem has been overcome with the use of an open cell concept, which helps the mattress 'breathe' more. Also, the development of gel-infused memory foam allows for the temperature of your body to be more regulated. It removes body heat very effectively.

How was memory foam invented?
Memory foam was originally developed by NASA in the '70s while looking for a way to safely and pleasantly transport astronauts during space travel. However, it wasn't until the '90s that it became available to the population, while being much improved from what NASA came up with.

What about memory foam pillows? Is there such a thing?
Yes there are. Check out our Memory Foam Pillow page.

If you are looking to buy a memory foam mattress you can go to our Memory Foam Mattresses page.

Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083 if you have any questions.

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