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How to Fill a Waterbed FAQ

How can I fill a waterbed without getting any bubbles or air trapped in the mattress?
When filling a waterbed it's easy to trap air and create large bubbles inside the mattress itself.
One method is to use a broomstick to remedy the situation. It's all about using the broom handle to 'push' out any air or bubbles.
Another method is to use your body to roll the air and bubbles out.
How to Remove Air From a Waterbed Mattress

How much water is needed to fill a waterbed?
Fill the waterbed until you reach a desired level, then you can check the comfort level by giving it a test run.
Simply lay on the waterbed and see if it is to your liking.
If two people will be sleeping on the waterbed, then have both partners lay on it.
Adjust the water level accordingly.
If you like a firmer mattress, use more water, if you prefer a less 'stiff' feel, then use less water.
Some people prefer more back support than others, so keep that in mind.
The amount of 'wave action' of the water should be considered as well. Some people like more 'wave action', while others do not.
How to Fill a Waterbed Mattress

Should I use an outdoor faucet or an indoor faucet to fill a waterbed?
Using warm water would be best. Hot water may stretch the vinyl bladder, and cold water means that the waterbed will take longer to heat up.
So, using an indoor faucet such as a bathroom or kitchen faucet would be best, but you can use an outdoor faucet too.
You may have to remove the aerator to access the threads of an indoor faucet, which is easy to do. The aerator screws off from the end of the faucet (where the water comes out of). You can place a rag over the aerator (so no scratching will occur) and remove the aerator with a pliers.

What type of supplies are required to fill a waterbed?
If you are filling a waterbed then it would be extremely helpful to have a few accessories.
The following supplies will help you fill (and drain) your waterbed:
Waterbed Fill and Drain Hero:
Includes the following:
25 Foot Hose
Faucet and Hose Adaptor
Drain VenturiPump
Electric Drain Pump
8 oz. Conditioner

Waterbed drain and fill kit:
Includes the following:
25 Ft. Hose
8 oz. Waterbed Conditioner
Faucet Adaptor and Hose Adaptor
Siphon Pump

Smart Pack:
Includes the following:
Hose Adaptor
Faucet Adaptor
Siphon Pump
3 Year Supply of Waterbed Conditioner

How many gallons of water is there in a waterbed?
California King Size Waterbed: 185 - 200 gallons
King Size Waterbed: 180 - 235 gallons
Queen Size Waterbed: 162 - 187 gallons
Although a waterbed can weigh up to 1500 lbs., don't become fixated on weight because the weight is distributed over a large area, and waterbeds can actually weigh less per square foot than does a refrigerator.

How long does it take to fill a waterbed?
Generally, depending on the size of the waterbed mattress, it won't take that long, depending on the actual water pressure you use, and the water pressure your home provides.
Filling with too much or not enough water may shorten the life of a waterbed mattress. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Do both softside waterbeds and hardside waterbeds require me to fill with water?
Because a softside waterbed mattress looks like a traditional mattress, many mistakenly believe they are shipped with the water already in them.
This isn't true, you will need to fill it with water yourself.
Whether you have a hardside waterbed or a softside waterbed, you will need to fill it with water, once you have it at your home.

What's the difference between filling a waterbed or filling a waterbed mattress?
There is no difference. Filling a waterbed means you are actually filling the waterbed mattress (or waterbed vinyl bladder).

Any waterbed filling tips?
Don't forget to place the safety liner and waterbed heater before filling the mattress with water, but don't plug the heater in until you have finished the filling process.
Don't forget the conditioner either!

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