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FAQ - How to Repair a Waterbed Mattress

Do I need a repair kit for my waterbed mattress?
Waterbed mattresses are made heavy duty these days. Having a waterbed that springs a leak is rather rare, but it can happen.
If your waterbed mattress does receive a puncture or tear, the repair is quite easy with a Waterbed Repair Kit.

How do I repair a waterbed leak?
A waterbed repair kit is used mainly for pinhole leaks or small tears.
When patching a leak, you most likely won't have to drain the waterbed at all, as most punctures occur on the top of the waterbed mattress.
First, clean around the affected area with rubbing alcohol.
Your repair kit will include the proper type of patch for waterbeds or vinyl bladders.
Cut a round patch to size, being sure to overlap the size of the puncture.
The kit comes with a fast drying adhesive. Smear a bit of it around the puncture in a circular motion. You can use your finger to even it out, leaving plenty of adhesive around the sides of the puncture, big enough for the patch itself.
Next, apply the patch. Squeeze out any air by applying pressure on the patch, starting at the center of the patch.
It's that easy.
After it has dried, apply a thin line of adhesive on the edge of the patch (around all sides of the patch), for extra security against leaking.
Make sure to leave plenty of time before getting the patch area wet again.

Can I use a waterbed repair kit on the seams of my waterbed mattress?
Generally, no. A repair kit won't work well on a seam because of the shape of the seam.
Keep in mind however, that seams are reinforced and in many cases double-stitched. They are unlikely to leak unless the waterbed is of an advanced age.
A small pinprick could possibly be patched, but because of the roundness, they may be too hard to repair.
We have heard of people using Flex Tape, but we have no experience with that, and can't render an opinion. Therefore we can't recommend it.

Can I use super-glue to repair a waterbed leak?
We certainly don't recommend that. The same goes for any type of glue or adhesive that is not made specifically for vinyl.

What can I do to prevent waterbed leaks?
Keep sharp objects away from your waterbed such as scissors and belt buckles.
It also helps to occasionally 'moisturize' your waterbed bladder by using a waterbed conditioner made specifically for waterbeds.
Although this conditioner is made for using inside the bladder to keep it supple, it can also be used to rub the outside of the bladder as well.
Another important point here is to invest in a waterbed safety liner. This will ensure that any leaks will not reach your floor or carpeting....just in case.
Don't worry about your waterbed bursting into a giant waterspout. This won't happen. There is not enough pressure in a waterbed mattress to allow something like that to even happen.

How can I tell where my waterbed is leaking from?
If the puncture isn't obvious, there are a few ways to locate the leak in your waterbed.
Your first clue that there is a leak may be from noticing the safety liner collecting water.
One method is to apply pressure to the mattress and see if you see water coming out. If you know the area from which water is coming from, dab some soap around the tear to pinpoint exactly where it is. The soap will bubble when the pressure is applied.
Another method is to attach cardboard around the 4 corners of the mattress, and see if one becomes damp.
Encircling the cardboard around the sides of the waterbed mattress will also help locate a leak, when you notice which part of the cardboard becomes wet.

The filler valve on my waterbed is leaking. How can I fix it?
Filler valves are made of plastic, not vinyl, and are harder to patch. Unfortunately, they most likely cannot be repaired.

Do I need to drain my waterbed to fix a leak?
Most likely not. Most leaks occur from a tear or puncture on the top of the waterbed mattress, not the bottom, so repairing a leak is easy because there is generally space between the top of the mattress and where the water inside it actually begins.
If the puncture is on the side of the waterbed, you may have to siphon off some water until the level of the puncture is reached.

If you have any questions about repairing a waterbed, we can help. Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083.

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