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FAQ - How to Clean a Waterbed Mattress

Do I have to clean my waterbed?
Because of the inherent growth of mold and mildew and its relation to water and condensation, a waterbed should be cleaned at regular intervals.
If a waterbed isn't cleaned often enough, bacteria and germs may form because of the lack of ventilation on certain places of a waterbed mattress.
Having a dehumidifier in your bedroom will help protect against moisture and mold as well.

Do waterbeds get mold?
Yes, the outside of a waterbed mattress (the vinyl bladder) can accumulate mold. That is why we suggest cleaning your waterbed mattress every 6 months or so.

What should I use to clean and maintain the vinyl bladder on a waterbed?
You can use a vinyl cleaner to keep moisture at bay, or you can even use the same conditioner that is used to keep the water inside the bladder clean and healthy, on the outside of a waterbed.
Not only will this keep away mold, mildew, germs and bacteria, but it also will keep the bladder itself lasting longer.
Baking soda is a good way to soak up moisture too.

How often should I clean my waterbed mattress?
We recommend every 6 months. If you're the ambitious type, cleaning a waterbed mattress once a month would be optimal.

How often should I change the water inside my waterbed mattress?
As long as you are adding conditioner, you won't have to change the water unless you plan to move the waterbed.
It is very important to use conditioner to help bacteria from growing out of hand. Use a waterbed conditioner to do the best job.

What about cleaning my bedding?
Any covers that are used such as zip covers, comforters, sheets etc. can be washed in hot water to help with moisture and odor problems.

Can you put bleach in a waterbed?
We advise against using bleach in or on your waterbed mattress. It will cause the vinyl bladder to deteriorate faster, and cause cracks and flaking of the vinyl.

Any other tips on keeping my waterbed clean?
You can try turning up your waterbed heater. This will help with keeping the bladder dry and free from moisture build-up.
Another tip is to replace the waterbed safety liner every once in awhile. This can help with offending odors too.

I understand I should clean my hardside waterbed mattress, but what about a softside waterbed mattress?
The softside waterbed needs love too, especially the water on the inside of the mattress.
Clean the outside of a softside mattress the same as you would a traditional mattress.

If you have any questions about cleaning a waterbed, we can help. Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083.

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