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Hardside Waterbeds - FAQ

What is a hardside waterbed?
The hardside waterbed has the look and feel of the original waterbed that first came on the market during the initial waterbed craze.
At present you can also purchase a softside waterbed, which looks just like a conventional mattress, but is filled with water.
However, if you want the original style waterbed, you will have to buy a hardside waterbed.
A hardside waterbed has a cool look that includes a raised pedestal upon which a frame made of wood sits.
You can also purchase matching waterbed furniture including headboards, bookshelves, bed walls, night tables, dressers, chests, mirrors and whole bedroom sets.
Put a vinyl bladder and frame together with a headboard, mirror, shelves etc., and you get the look of the original waterbed.
Hardside waterbeds are available in mostly pine or oak wood. We have both modern looking hardside waterbeds as well as the original style hardside waterbeds.

What is a hardside waterbed mattress?
It's not really a mattress, as when we think of a conventional mattress. It's actually a vinyl bladder that holds water.
This is what gives a hardside waterbed more buoyancy and provides the unique feel that is associated with the original waterbeds, and it's what makes hardside waterbeds more fun.

Does a hardside waterbed come with its own frame?
Yes. Our waterbeds come with their own base and frame.
However, you will need to buy your own plywood for the base.
The plywood should be 1/2 inch thick.
Single Waterbed - 48 x 85 plywood
Queen Size Waterbed - 60 x 85 plywood
King Size Waterbed (California King) - 72 x 85 plywood

Can I use the same sheets and bedding as I have currently on my regular bed?
Hardside waterbeds come in their own unique sizes. You will need to purchase specialized hardside waterbed sheets.

What sizes are hardside waterbed mattresses available in?
King (California King) - 72 x 84
Queen - 60 x 84
Super Single - 48 x 84

What if I don't like the feeling of a lot of 'wave action' in my waterbed?
Hardside waterbeds come standard with a 'full motion' mattress. However, if you don't like the feeling of an 'all wave' full motion mattress, you can upgrade to an ultra waveless mattress, or a 95% waveless mattress.

Do I need a heater to keep the water warm?
Yes, that would be advisable. We have many different waterbed heaters available.
We also have dual waterbed heaters available, so each person on the waterbed can sleep at varying temperatures.

Are hardside waterbeds available in dual form?
Dual waterbed mattresses are available only for softside waterbeds. That's because the hardside contains only one mattress (or bladder), just like the original waterbeds of yesteryear.

Will my waterbed leak?
Our waterbeds come standard with safety liners, so there is no need to worry about it.
Besides, a waterbed leaking is not likely to happen. All of our hardside waterbeds have vinyl bladders, which are very strong, especially at the seams.

What can I do to make a hardside waterbed more comfortable?
We suggest a deluxe quilted waterbed mattress cover. It is quite luxurious!

Do waterbeds help with physical ailments?
Waterbeds can help with bone and muscular conditions, back pain, and joint pain such as arthritis, rheumatism, and fibromyalgia. A waterbed produces less stress on the pressure points of the human body than does a regular mattress. This is why waterbeds can help soothe pain and make you more comfortable when sleeping or lying down.

When did waterbeds first appear?
It is believed that waterbeds first appeared in the early 1800's when Dr. Neil Arnott invented the 'Hydrostatic Bed'. It was used to prevent bed sores.
The modern waterbed as we know it came into focus in the 1960's when students at San Francisco State University (Charles Prior Hall, Paul Heckel, Evan Fawkes) came up with the idea of filling a vinyl bladder with water for a class project.
However, there are other instances of using water held in by some sort of material:
- In ancient Persia, goat skins were filled with water.
- In 1883 Dr. William Hooper patented an equivalent of a waterbed.
- In 1895 Harrods department store sold waterbeds.

Have any questions about hardside waterbeds? Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083.

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