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Finding the Best Waterbed Mattress

Finding the best waterbed mattress is a bit of a misnomer. Rather, this article could be called 'Finding the Best Waterbed Mattress for YOU!'.
You should be considering certain things when choosing a waterbed mattress for your home.
First, let's start with the type of waterbed. You need to decide if you want a hardside or softside waterbed. The article The Difference Between Softside and Hardside Waterbeds is a great place to learn about the differences between the two. Basically you should know that a softside looks just like a regular mattress, and can be used in conjunction with your current bed frame and headboard (as well as bedding). The hardside is the old style waterbed with a wood frame and old style headbaord. A hardside is the traditional look of waterbeds that people most associate with waterbeds.
Once you decide whether you want a hardside or softside waterbed, the next step is to decide how much 'wave' or 'motion' you want in your mattress.
Do you want a lot of waves, no wave, or something in between? You can get full motion, free flow, semi motion, no wave, ultra waveless, 60% waveless, 80% waveless, 95% waveless and so on.
As you can see, a waterbed mattress comes in many different 'wave actions', so you need to decide if you like a lot of motion in your mattress, some motion, or none at all. It's totally a matter of personal preference, and is up to you and your partner to decide on how much 'wave' you want in a mattress. If you have back problems, or other types of physical ailments, then deciding on a firmer or a more flexible waterbed mattress may be in order.
Another decision is how big of a mattress you want. If you are thinking of buying a softside waterbed, and plan on using your existing bed frame and headboard, then you know exactly the size you will need already. Otherwise, you need to think about how much room you have available, and how much of a bed you prefer. Also available are dual (separate) mattresses in one, so you and your partner can sleep more independent of one another.

Softside waterbeds come in the same sizes as regular beds:
Twin (Single)
Full (Double)
California King
Hardside waterbeds come in the following sizes:
King (California King)
Super Single
Learn more about the different waterbed sizes that are available.

So, now you know you have to decide whether you want a softside waterbed or a hardside waterbed. You also need to decide on the motion of your mattress, as well as the size.
If you have a partner, you will need to discuss which options are the best for the two of you. If you sleep alone, then the decision is all yours, and you won't need to compromise.

Other things to consider include waterbed sheets, heaters, mattress pads, water conditioner, safety liners, repair kits, and fill and drain kits.
Perhaps you need waterbed furniture or a bedroom set? If you're pondering buying everything you need at once, then take a gander at our complete waterbeds page for more information.

Have questions about which waterbed mattress is the best for you and your partner? Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083 and we can help you with the decision process.
We also have helpful guides at Waterbed Mattress FAQ and Waterbed Buying Guide.

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