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Dual Waterbed Mattress FAQ

What is a dual waterbed?
Dual waterbeds are unique in the world of waterbeds because they are much more personalized to each partner's wants and needs while sleeping.
Think of a dual waterbed as one waterbed split down the middle length-wise, with each side of the waterbed being its own singular waterbed.
Although you wouldn't know it by looking at it, a dual waterbed mattress is actually a two-in-one mattress.

Why would you want a dual waterbed mattress?
Because of the simple fact that many people sleep with a partner next to them in bed.
We all have different tastes when it comes to sleeping. With a dual waterbed system, each person controls their own side of the bed.

What are the advantages and benefits of dual waterbeds?
A dual waterbed mattress is the perfect answer for couples who don't want to disturb, or be disturbed by, their partner.
Some people toss and turn a lot while sleeping, others sleep like a rock.
A partners weight comes into play as well.
Things to consider include the wave action of a waterbed (reducing the amount of disturbance caused by a partner), the temperature setting of a waterbed, and the amount of water in the waterbed.
All these things can be controlled by having a dual mattress. Each person can adjust their own temperature (no more freezing or being too warm!), amount of water (fill each bladder to your own desired firmness), and motion (no longer be disturbed whenever your partner exits the bed or moves at night - light sleepers love this feature).
Also, filling and draining a dual waterbed is easier because the whole method is split into two.

Are dual waterbed mattresses available for softside waterbeds only?
Many people are surprised to know that you can purchase a dual waterbed mattress for hardside waterbeds, as well as softside waterbeds.
Hardside waterbed mattresses are generally thought of as one big vinyl bladder, but the truth is that those same bladders are also available in dual form.

What dual waterbed mattress options do you have for sale?
Hardside Dual Waterbed Mattress
Dual Waveless Waterbed Mattresses

Softside Dual Waterbed Mattresses
Dual Waveless Waterbed Mattress
Dual Ultra Waveless Waterbed Mattress
Dual 90% Waveless Waterbed Mattress

Does the water in a dual waterbed mattress need to be changed more often?
No, but you should of course use a conditioner which protects against stagnancy, mold, fungi, impurities and bacteria.
Add conditioner as you are filling the dual mattresses, and every 6 months after that.

Have any questions about dual waterbed mattresses? Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083.

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