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Are Waterbeds Therapeutic? - One Person's Story

Anne's history with waterbeds had begun previously, but it wasn't until 1982 that her waterbed would become an integral part of her life.
It was on a spring day in Austin, Texas. She and her husband were tooling around on their Harley Davidson Softail. Anne was the passenger on the rear, her husband at the controls. Riding along, Anne felt the warm air of the wind, and hardly noticed the intersection up ahead.
It was at that intersection that her life changed forever. A young kid barreled through the red light, and collided with Anne's motorcycle.
Both Anne and her husband were thrown from the bike. Her husband received a broken ankle, Anne severed her spine.

Anne was paralyzed from the waist down.
From that day to this, it has been a long struggle for Anne. Through the ensuing years she faced countless operations, surgeries, physical therapy and umpteen hospital visits.
Of all the things she now had to think and worry about, how and where she would sleep had become a major issue.
What would be the best therapeutic bed for her now? Could she afford an expensive hospital bed with pulsating vibrations, diverse adjustments and modifications, and all manner of assorted bells and whistles?
It wasn't just that, but warmth was another matter to consider. Her fractured bones and spine would ache, and she needed heat to combat that as well.....somehow.

The simple twist of faith that had suddenly and forcefully changed her life had also undoubtedly brought with it huge obstacles and considerations.
Having survived her ordeal, she had to rearrange her life in an incalculable number of ways.
How would she drive a car and get around? Could she have children? How would she do the simple tasks of everyday life, which now had become immeasurably harder?

What kind of bed would she need to purchase, in order to heal her bones, and keep her spine from becoming unsettled and more damaged on a nightly basis?

Anne eventually found her answer in the very waterbed she had been using all along.
Her physical therapist told her she didn't need an expensive hospital type bed.
In fact, her waterbed would do the job just as adequately, and fit the bill quite nicely.
The key was not having her wounds, and the trauma she had experienced, exasperated by external strain and burden on her bones, wounds, and pressure points.
The natural and therapeutic nature of laying on water had become the perfect answer to both her sleeping routine, and the lifelong treatment and therapeutic needs that have arisen.
Even better, waterbeds come with various forms of heating, and have external controls to regulate and fine-tune the temperature, so Anne's now sudden reliance on tightly controlled temps was also satisfied.

She spent lot of time in bed at first, healing.
Anne never would walk again, but travels quite well in her wheelchair.
The very same waterbed from her youth has been her constant companion since.
Her nightly method of relaxation has now become an important part of her day, and a big part of her medicinal and mending technique, probably for the rest of her life.
Anne learned how to drive a modified car, she conquered the daily tasks and routines of life, and she gave birth to 2 children.
And she has slept in tranquility and peacefulness every night since.

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