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Are Waterbeds Comfortable?

Waterbeds are one of the most comfortable ways to sleep at night, or to take a nap on in the middle of the day.
The reasons for this are simple, but the benefits of a comfortable waterbed outweigh a traditional mattress by far.
Do you find yourself tossing and turning a lot at night? It may be because your body is feeling the heaviness of its own weight.
Body pressure points such as shoulders, back and hips take the brunt of an immovable mattress. With a waterbed, those pressure points become more flexible because water will 'give' more, and allow your body to relish the comfort of laying on water with less strain. In other words, a waterbed is more comfortable because it isn't as hard as a regular mattress, and it allows your hips, shoulders, back and muscles to relax in the litheness of water.
By sleeping on a waterbed, you will feel less tension throughout your body and any aching body parts. They are especially comfortable for those with body aches or muscular problems.
Because waterbeds conform to the body, the pressure points have less strain on them.
This is great news for those of you out there who are getting a little older, or who have arthritis or back problems. Did you know that hospitals use them for burn victims, and also for preventing bed sores? Waterbeds can be especially beneficial for people with rheumatism, fibromyalgia, allergies, and strained muscles and bones.
Another thing to consider is that waterbeds don't absorb the sweat from the body. In fact, the modern softside waterbed looks just like a traditional can even use the same bedding, comforters and sheets. Even though a modern waterbed looks the same, it certainly doesn't feel the same!

Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer

Is there anything more satisfying them getting into a warm and pleasant bed when it's cold out? Even when winter is giving us its worse, your waterbed will always be a comfortable 80 degrees because you set the temperature yourself. You will stay warm and fuzzy all winter!
In the summer, your waterbed will stay cooler because the temperature of the water doesn't heat up the same as does the air temperature. A lake or river is generally cooler than the outside temperature, and so is your waterbed, unless you decide to heat it.
You can't beat the temperature of a waterbed, no matter what time of year it is!

If you think your comfort is important to you, then purchasing a waterbed to sleep on is an excellent choice.

Have any questions about waterbeds? Feel free to call us at 1-800-428-7083. We have been in the waterbed business since 1983!

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