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Are There Still Waterbed Stores?

There was a time, especially during the 1980s and 90s, that waterbed stores could be found in most cities throughout the United States.
Waterbeds were first 'discovered' in the late 60s by a gentleman named Charles Prior Hall, who filled a bladder with water as part of a school experiment. His fellow students loved the 'waterbed' that he created so much, he quickly realized he had something special to share with the world. And so he did.
I remember my hometown had several waterbed stores, one for each side of town at least. Of all my acquaintances back then, many of them had purchased waterbeds. Some of my friends even put a waterbed in the back of their van or truck.
Since the 90s, waterbeds have waned a bit in popularity. There just isn't any brick and mortar waterbed stores anymore.
However, because of the internet, buying a waterbed is actually easier than it has ever been.
Shopping on an online waterbed store is very convenient, especially as our world evolves (or devolves some might say) into more of an online world.
Shopping an online store does mean more of a wider selection to be sure. You can certainly find the style of waterbed you prefer quite easily, be it an old style hardside waterbed or a more current softside waterbed.
If you don't enjoy the old style look of a hardside waterbed, but you still want a waterbed, then a softside is just the thing for you. They look exactly like a conventional mattress.
In fact whether you buy a hardside or softside, they both are leaps and bounds above the way waterbeds were constructed previously, and are much more efficient too.
Because your waterbed will need to be heated, efficiency is always an important aspect to consider these days when purchasing a waterbed.

Waterbeds Are Making a Comeback

There is some evidence that waterbed stores may be making a comeback. In fact, Charles Hall (the original creator of waterbeds) is now pushing a re-designed waterbed. He must know something is going on!
If you ask someone who sleeps on a waterbed, you may be surprised on how much they enjoy it, and how it has become a way of life for them.
Because they are hygienic, waterbeds are especially helpful to people with back problems, arthritis, allergies, and other physical ailments that are made worse when using a traditional mattress. Waterbeds are known to relax the muscles and help increase blood circulation, and waterbeds also support all areas of the body evenly. Many people don't realize that waterbeds are also available in a variety of 'wave motions'. They now come in full motion, semi motion, ultra waveless, 60% waveless, 80% waveless, 95% waveless etc.
So you see, there are many reasons why the waterbed is making a comeback, and many good reasons for you to think about buying one.

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