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Are Waterbeds Still A Thing?

Do you think that waterbeds are a just relic of the past, or are they still around?
Although waterbeds first gained wide popularity in the 1980s, they are still available now, with a wide variety of styles and types to choose from.
Unless you were there and lived through it then you wouldn't know that at one point 1 n 5 people had a waterbed in their household. Hard to believe now, but it’s true.
Many people don't realize that waterbeds don't even look like waterbeds anymore. Softside waterbeds look just like a regular mattress, only they are filled with water.
However, if you prefer the original style of waterbed, known as a hardside waterbed, they are still available in many styles available as well.

Hardside Waterbeds

What is a hardside waterbed?
This is the type of waterbed that was so very popular back in the heyday of waterbeds.
You will recognize them by the big wooden frames that surround them. These frames generally come in pine or oak wood. You can accessorize your hardside waterbed with a plethora of items such as elaborate headboards, bookshelves, exotic lighting, beautiful canopies, mirrors, drawers, cubby’s and more.
If you like the nostalgic look of an old-time waterbed, then a hardside is what you desire.

Softside Waterbeds

A softside waterbed looks exactly like the type of mattress on your regular bed.
Of course this type mattress doesn't contain the usual springs and padding, but instead is filled with water.
To some people, having a waterbed that doesn't look like one is important. Perhaps they don't want anyone to know they have a waterbed, or maybe they prefer the look of a regular bed. Either way, it's a great way to sleep.

Riding the Wave

Since the time when waterbeds first gained their massive popularity, there have been a multitude of advancements.
Because of the improvements in materials and technology, waterbeds are at present a more enjoyable experience then they were decades ago. They have developed into a loved niche for many, and have acquired a devoted and ardent following.
Waterbeds now come with safety liners so there is no worries about water leaking all over your floor.
Also, waterbeds are now available in many different wave and waveless choices and options. From a lot of wave to no wave at all (and everything in between) you can find any style you want.
Of course just like about everything else, some waterbed models now allow you to adjust the temperature through your phone or smart home system. It will either be toasty warm or nice and cool by the time you arrive home or are ready for bed.

Partner Compatibility

If you are worried about how sleeping in a waterbed will affect the sleeping patterns of your partner, then you should know that modern technology has solved that problem as well.
Dual waterbeds separate the mattress from your partner while still being together. It also allows your partner to choose the temperature of their side of the waterbed.

Reasons to Sleep on a Waterbed

  • Sensory Pleasure - The unique feeling of floating while you sleep is what drives many to waterbeds.
  • Allergies - Some sleep on waterbeds because of a lesser tendency for bacteria and certain organisms to flourish. No more dust mites either!
  • Hot and Warm Sleeping - Many find comfort and satisfaction with the coolness of a waterbed. A waterbed allows you to adjust the temperature of your mattress with the use of a waterbed heating system.
  • Leg and Back Pain Relief - Waterbeds can alleviate back pain because they expand body pressure points and allow hips and shoulders not to carry the weight as much as a regular mattress will. They actually assimilate to every curve of the human body much better, and have more therapeutic properties.

If you are tired (no pun intended) of sleeping on a traditional mattress, then maybe a waterbed will give you the tranquility and peacefulness of sleep that you're after.
Thinking about giving it a try? Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083 and we will discuss it with you.

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