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Are Waterbeds Good For Back and Spine Pain?

If you are wondering if waterbeds are good for helping alleviate spine or back pain, or if waterbeds will only exasperate things, then read on. We hope we can give you the answers you're seeking.

Firstly, it should be noted that waterbeds don't provide a one-size-fits-all sort of relief.
In other words, it's complicated!
What works for one person, may not work for another.

Waterbeds have been around since the late 60s and can help mitigate and ease certain pressure points on the human body. A regular (or traditional) mattress, because of the unforgiving nature, may be too hard or stiff for the relief of either back or spine pain for some. This is where many people can benefit by using waterbeds. The wonderful thing about waterbeds is that they will conform to your body's shape. This will cause less stress on the pressure points of your body because of the smooth distribution, and providing the pressure more evenly, which can help with spine/back pain. Waterbeds can also put less pressure on spinal joints and the muscles of your back as well as the muscles leading to your spine and back.

Waterbeds come in a variety of styles, firmness, size and "wave action". It could be that a full motion waterbed may be the best for your body and back pain. Perhaps a no-wave or waveless mattress would be better.
Another thing to consider is that whatever type of waterbed mattress you have, you can adjust the level of water in order to bring the firmness up or down, and what works best for you. You may have to experiment.

Spine/Back Pain Relief - Waterbed Benefits

Waterbeds essentially conform to the curves or 'niches' of the body. Traditional mattresses leave spaces where the curves are and won't give enough support to those areas. This can be a contributing factor in not having enough support or pain relief for the back and spine. The key to waterbeds is they distribute the pressure to one's weight and curves evenly, thus providing reduced pressure on backs and spines and which can scale-down the pain accordingly. Another factor to consider is that waterbeds utilize heaters in order to keep the water warm. Depending on the season, one may want to increase or decrease the amount of heat.
This unique benefit of a waterbed also will transfer heat to the body. Heat therapy in and of itself is a technique that many rely on to improve circulation and help alleviate the pain and stiffness in their back or spine.
You can take advantage of that heat source to help with curtailing and lowering your pain. The heat will assist with blood flow, which may be contributing to your back, spine, joint or body pain. Heat can also help with stiff muscles and provide a certain remedy of your pain situation. Think of your waterbed as a colossal, gargantuan, enormous heating pad!
Another consideration: The movement of your partner during the night while tossing, turning, or simply rolling over. This can be a very obtrusive thing while you're trying to sleep, and not allowing your body to rest the best it could. You do have waterbed options however, such as a dual mattress which will separate you from your partner while still being in the same bed. Cool!

By the way, if you are a stomach sleeper, a waterbed may be too 'soft' for alleviating back or spine pain. If you sleep on your side or back, then a waterbed could be the best solution for you.

So, should you get a waterbed for back pain? Although there is no one-size-fits-all resolution when it comes to waterbeds and back and spine pain relief, perhaps we can help guide you. Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083 and we will help you with the type of waterbed needed for your spine and back pain.

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