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Air Bed Mattress FAQ

What is an air bed?
Obviously, an air bed is filled with air, so it's rather easy to deflate them and store them away until needed.
You can inflate them with more or less air, depending on the type of firmness you prefer.
What's great about air beds is that they are very portable and lightweight.
They are durable enough to use as a daily mattress to sleep on.
You can store them in your car trunk or in an SUV, camper or van.
They are perfect for college kids who don't want to keep moving a regular mattress and box spring around all the time.
Keep an extra one around in case you have an overnight guest or two.
Air beds with a remote make it easy to inflate while using an air pump.

Air beds (also known as air mattresses) are very high quality these days, and are made to take a lot of abuse and wear.
You can also replace your waterbed mattress with an air bed mattress using your hardside waterbed frame.

What sizes are air beds available in?
California King

What are the health benefits of air beds?
Some people with back pain like air beds because of the ability to vary the firmness of the mattress.
Another health benefit is alleviating bed sores and the like for certain people.
Also, there aren’t as many toxins as there are with regular beds, which can help people with allergies.

Can I replace my waterbed mattress with an air mattress?
Many people have done so.
We have several different air bed replacement models for waterbeds:
air mattress for hardside waterbed
20 mil air mattress for hardside waterbed
dual air mattress for hardside waterbed

Can I replace my air bed mattress with a waterbed mattress?
Yes, of course you can!
Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083 and we'll tell you how.

Are there different types of air bed mattress pumps and inflators available?
We have 3 different types to choose from including:
air mattress pump - wireless remote
digital deluxe air bed inflator
dual air bed mattress pump - wireless remote (two output air chambers)

My air bed currently has foam rails. Can I buy replacement rails?
We have just the product that will work for your needs at: air bed replacement foam rails.

Do you have a dual chamber air bed mattress for sell?
Yes. Check out our air bed with dual chambers page.

Can I convert my air bed mattress to a tube waterbed mattress?
You can do that, no problem.
Check out our converting an air bed to a tube waterbed page.

Have any questions about air beds? Give us a call at 1-800-428-7083.

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